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Worlds Rudest

The World’s Rudest Restaurant

If you should happen to wander into Dick’s Last Resort be prepared for a less than conventional dining experience. Chances are; as you walk through the door, Dick’s staff will ignore you, probably insult your dress sense, criticise your menu choices and slap food on the table. You can also expect to be fully humiliated […]

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intuition vs FOMO Web

Intuition vs FOMO

You’re told to follow your intuition. It’s a classic coach to student challenge. The problem, is really following your intuition means you are sometimes going to have to say ‘no’. ‘No’ to opportunities. ‘No’ to temptations. ‘No’ to requests. And that’s tough. Especially, if like most people, you have a bit of FOMO. Fear Of […]

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Why you should sit

Why you should sit on the right

The journey from Newcastle to Edinburgh on the East Coast rail line is one of the most scenic in Britain. But only if you sit on the right. You still get a lovely view if you’re on the left – but right is where it’s at. So why doesn’t everyone sit on the right? As I […]

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Happy Web

Happy International Day Of Happiness

Today, 20th March, is International Day Of Happiness. I’d like to wish you a very happy day. Did you know the Action for Happiness pledge is: “I will try to create more happiness in the world around me” How about you take out the word ‘try’ and 100% create some extra joy and happiness around you today? […]

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Lesson 3 web

How To Get The Best Seats In The House – Lesson 3 from Ronnie Scotts

You don’t book a specific seat at Ronnie Scott’s. You buy your ticket and the Maître D’ will show you to a table. Don’t get me wrong, there are no bad seats in Ronnie Scott’s, but there are some that are better than others. And here’s how to get them. Ask. That’s it. Be pleasant […]

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Lesson 2 web

3 Lessons From Ronnie Scotts – Lesson 2 – Choice

The doorman at Ronnie Scott’s should feel fairly comfortable. It’s not likely that the headline; ‘Jazz Club Riot’ will grace the pages of the press (unless it’s the Daily Mail – then yes, it’s likely) too soon. So, I was amazed to witness an unusual exchange at the door. Not once – but twice! Two […]

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3 Lessons From Ronnie Scotts – Lesson 1 – Talent

Friday night and we’re in the legendary Ronnie Scott’s. It’s one of the most iconic live music venues in the world. We’re there to listen to jazz but my notebook is never far away. After a great night out I woke on Saturday morning and wrote 3 short blogs which I’d like to share with […]

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FFFFRiday Web

FFFFriday Feeling

Today is a special day. Social media is strewn with it.   Office kitchens resonate to it.   Factory floors are full of it.   Classrooms chime to it.   Everyone loves Friday.   And why not? TGIF!   Thing is, fantastic Fridays can be all too quickly followed by the Sunday night blues. That […]

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cust serve quick win web

A customer service quick win

The spring broke on my office door handle. Not such a big deal but the lock is very very old. But hey, that’s what Google is for. Ten minutes later I’m sending a photograph of the inner workings of the latch to doorhandleparts.co.uk. An astonishing nine minutes later I received a reply with an explanation of […]

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Cantbe bothered web

What I do when I can’t be bothered

Before the ink is dry the panic has already set in. You’ve just signed a deal – a book deal. And not only that but in the contract, you’ve promised your publisher thousands – yes thousands (and thousands) of words. Words that must make sense, educate, inform and entertain. And deep down you know the […]

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