10 ways to find time to write

  • Schedule it
    You put birthdays and appointments in your diary, how about an appointment with you and your keyboard? What gets scheduled, gets done.


  • Dictate
    One of the greatest innovations in recent years is modern dictation software. You can install it on your phone, tablet or computer. A little practice and you’ll be flying. I’m dictating this.


  • Turn off notifications
    Those red circles are designed to attract your attention. When they pop up, they distract you from the job at hand. Writing. Turn them off. 


  • Write Shite
    This mantra has served me and hundreds of authors I’ve coached. Don’t wait until you think you’re good enough. Just write. You can fix it in the edit.


  • Sprint
    My now famous 17 Minute Sprints have helped dozens of new authors to write their books. You might not have a few hours, but you do have 17 minutes. Use them.


  • Escape
    If you can… Change location to find inspiration. It doesn’t need to be two months in a chateau in the Dordogne (although wouldn’t that be nice?) maybe decant yourself and your laptop in a café or your library.


  • Get others on board
    Let family and your nearest know how important your writing is to you. If they think you’re playing at it, they’ll steal your time. If they know you’re serious, they’ll respect it.


  • Create a reward system
    …for yourself – and it doesn’t have to be big. Instead of making a cuppa and then starting to write, make the cuppa a reward for writing 300 words.


  • Create or join an accountability group
    Do you belong to a book club? How many times have you stayed up late and crammed those last few chapters because you’re meeting on Tuesday? Do the same with your writing as you do with your reading. You can let yourself down, but you wouldn’t dare let your accountability group down.



  1. August 20th 2022 by Gaynor Cherieann

    Dictate or scribble notes with ideas etc Whist on exercise bike doing your 17 minutes of fitness before breakfast ie get up earlier

  2. August 20th 2022 by Gaynor Cherieann

    Whist on exercise bike for 17 minutes each morning scribble Notes or dictate Probably means getting up a bit earlier

  3. August 20th 2022 by Carol Newman

    I brought a dictaphone so whilst I’m ironing I can put my thoughts down. Saying things out loud sounds really mad, but it’s helped to move my writing on

  4. August 20th 2022 by Sue

    Have a dedicated writing area. Make it appealing,comfortable seating, good ventilation, good light possibly add in music and aromatherapy scents. Make it an inviting place where you want to be creative.

  5. August 20th 2022 by Jacqueline

    I printed of my book cover for my book I’m writing and covered blank notebooks with it , so it looks like my books already been written . Carrying one in my bag, and a few round the house I had no excuse but to write every moment I had free , and collated notes over a glass of wine every Friday evening , made so much progress this way

  6. August 20th 2022 by Liz Pert-Davies

    Always have a notebook and pen with you all the time – or you can use the voice recorder on your phone. It’s so easy to forget that great little nugget of an idea that comes into your mind when you least expect it to. I also have a waterproof notepad and pencil in the shower – I find a lot of ideas come to me then.

  7. August 20th 2022 by Qasim Swati (Website: qasimswati.com)

    I write the main points of my ideas on a piece of paper first and, then, expand those ideas into a full and detailed writing, after doing enough research on each idea.

  8. August 21st 2022 by Susan Wilson

    I sit and think, then think again, this helps me get inspiration and ideas and the words in my head begin to flow. I carry on until I can’t think no more, gave a cup of tea, or watch TV, this is my way.

  9. August 22nd 2022 by Jacqueline Watson

    Listen to a self help guru podcast to help inspire. Take simple notes about the things you’ve learnt. Write and write then save with a pertinent title. Go back to it when you need a little push of inspiration and I bet you find it there

  10. August 25th 2022 by Elly

    Surround yourself with positive, motivated and inspiring people and people that are interested in you and your writing.
    Remember that writing is fun and look forward to it.

  11. August 26th 2022 by David Finney

    How much does this cost?

    1. August 27th 2022 by Michael Heppell

      Hi David

      Not sure what you are referring to for cost. Let me know and I’ll let you know.


  12. August 26th 2022 by Milly

    I use the colour note app on my phone whenever I have an idea no matter what time of day or night. I write part and whole poems, short stories, dialogue ideas, unusual names or words and when researching facts or useful bit of information for my book I copy and paste sometimes whole articles into a note for later referral. It’s like having my very own pocket size resource and inspiration library.

  13. September 15th 2023 by HABTAMU MAMO

    Thank You!

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