A couple of years ago, our faithful apple tree just gave up and stopped providing fruit.

Just when it looked like game over, a further terrible thing happened.

I took my eye off the ball, ivy attacked and promptly killed it.

Not the whole tree – just half.

By the time I’d removed the incriminating creeper, pruned back the dead twigs and removed most of the bare branches, all that was left was half a tree and some sorry stumps.

I wrote about it two years ago and put a pic on my Insta.

Fast forward a few months and the blossom on the all new half tree looked better than ever.

A few months more and we had an incredible crop of apples.

In fact, the most we’ve ever had.

This year it’s the same. Check out the new Insta pic.

I’m not sharing this as an amateur arborist; it’s Thursday’s newsletter.

There must be an analogy though.

And it’s a blindingly obvious one!

Maybe the reason why you are not producing your best is because you’ve taken on too much. Too many branches?

When you take on too much, it’s difficult to get anything done, never mind everything done.

One of my favourite coaching questions for overwhelmed clients is, ‘If I gave you the challenge to remove half of what you do, what would you start with?’

Over to you. We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

Be Brilliant!


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  1. September 2nd 2021 by Diane Wyatt

    This absolutely resonates with me. Too much to do so little time available. So I have begun to delegate tasks. I have been blown away by the offers of assistance and willingness of people. All I have to do now is learn to trust and let go of the need to control everything.

  2. September 2nd 2021 by Lenise Page

    Stop looking at the whole job which needs doing. Cut the job into sizeable chunks

  3. September 2nd 2021 by Chris Hind

    ALL the HR aspects of my job

  4. September 3rd 2021 by Debbie Bias

    I love it!!! And the analogy is absolutely true!! I believe somewhere in the Bible it talks about God pruning is so we can live more productive lives for Him!!😊❤️

  5. September 4th 2021 by Michelle Ritchens

    I find no time to do everything and I give myself more to do and not keeping a eye on the bigger picture. For getting achievement at the end, because I have to do everything my self

  6. September 7th 2021 by Brenda Furness

    Eleven months ago our family’s life changed. Our youngest daughter who was a primary school teacher was involved in a road traffic accident with a drunk driver. She sustained career ending injuries and we are still fighting a civil liability case and trying to get the best medical help for her. I have had to prioritize in order to help, the hens and my sheep breeding have gone, and in a few months I will give up my role as a Presiding Judge. They are sad but easy decisions when I run my value system through how I spend my time.

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