Over the years, I’ve sent lots of emails with tips and ideas on how you can ‘make this your best Christmas ever’.

I now know the answer – or at least a part of it. So with 30 days to go here are 30 things to do.

1 Say ‘I love you’ to at least one person every day


2 If you’re struggling with No. 1, look in the mirror and tell yourself


3 Sing out loud


4 Bake bread, twice as much as you need and give half away


5 Watch a Christmas movie every week – one of these movies must be It’s A Wonderful Life


6 If you need to lose a few pounds do it in the next two weeks. Don’t wait until January


7 Reduce your consumption of news


8 Try one new drink


9 Smile at random people


10 Make a Christmas donation


11 Men – think really hard before you buy your partner’s presents


12 Women – just tell us! Don’t think you’ve hinted, you haven’t, we have no clue


13 Make an extra fuss of people who have birthdays close to Christmas


14 Be overly polite when driving, shopping and on any public transport


15 Avoid Black Friday


16 Wear sunscreen – oh hang on, that’s someone else’s list. Wear sequins!


17 Dust down and re-play your early record collection


18 Write a grateful list – every day


19 Breathe – take some long deep breaths, make the out breath longer than the in


20 Stretch – take a few minutes every day to appreciate and stretch your wonderful body


21 Say ‘no’ to the invitations that diminish your soul


22 Do something spiritually uplifting – nourish your soul


23 Acknowledge people living on the street


24 Compliment AT LEAST one person every day


25 Wear a Christmas jumper or at least a Santa hat


26 Slow down, especially on December 24th, 25th and 26th


27 Feed the birds


28 Look out of your bedroom window for ten minutes and appreciate what you do have


29 Hug people for a second longer than you would normally – don’t pat


30 Fill in your own here and please share via your social media

Be Brilliant!




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