I’m guessing that if you have subscribed to 90 Days of Brilliance you already understand the concept of Brilliance Benchmarking.

If you do, maybe look at the next few paragraphs as a reminder. If not here is a quick introduction.

Start at a base level with no results. Imagine doing a poor job, what would the results be? I am sure you would agree, poor.

What if you did a good job, would you get good results? Watch the film for the full description and a special example of brilliance in action.

It’s not fair but it’s true.

I tell people that the journey towards brilliance can take a lifetime. It may not even get to that point but it’s the journey that is the most exciting part.

However, there are some short cuts.  Here’s one to help you get started right now.

When you create a huge amount of pace and you decide that you are going to immerse yourself in a particular subject or area of your life where you want to be brilliant, it is amazing how quickly things can change.

Accelerated Brilliance

But there is an even faster route which when applied can take you from poor to good, good to fantastic, or fantastic to brilliant very, very quickly.

Find somebody who you would consider to be brilliant, and then model every detail of what they do.

If somebody you know (or know of) is already achieving brilliance at what you want to be brilliant at, then find out how and what they do and then apply those same tools, techniques and strategies to what you do.

For many people this is seen as a challenge because they enjoy the idea of the results but they don’t enjoy the idea of having to mirror somebody so closely and do the work.

This does not mean you are going to become that person, all it means is you are going to use what they know and apply it as your rapid short cut to get towards brilliance.

Have fun finding somebody and then learning from them and…

Be Brilliant!

Michael Heppell Sig


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