Thanks for the Business

Our local garden centre is like many independents. They charge a bit more, don’t always have the stock and it’s a bit scruffy and chaotic. But they are always happy to see you and thank you for choosing them over the national chain warehouse around the corner. That’s almost true. Well the first part of […][...]

What’s in a smile

From just a few weeks after birth, we demonstrate that we feel happy by smiling.  All through our lives and until our dying day we use the same process. People are even heard to comment that they’d like to die with a smile on their face. So take a look around.  If smiling is so […][...]

Why We Offer a 100% Total Satisfaction Guarantee

‘That’s ballsy’, said my potential client. ‘I know’, I responded, ‘but it does two things…’ A response I received recently when I informed a new customer that we give a ‘100% total satisfaction guarantee’. It’s not a gimmick – it’s a brand promise. And one we’re proud of. I just wish more companies would do […][...]

The World’s Rudest Restaurant

If you should happen to wander into Dick’s Last Resort be prepared for a less than conventional dining experience. Chances are; as you walk through the door, Dick’s staff will ignore you, probably insult your dress sense, criticise your menu choices and slap food on the table. You can also expect to be fully humiliated […][...]

How To Get The Best Seats In The House – Lesson 3 from Ronnie Scotts

You don’t book a specific seat at Ronnie Scott’s. You buy your ticket and the Maître D’ will show you to a table. Don’t get me wrong, there are no bad seats in Ronnie Scott’s, but there are some that are better than others. And here’s how to get them. Ask. That’s it. Be pleasant […][...]

3 Lessons From Ronnie Scotts – Lesson 2 – Choice

The doorman at Ronnie Scott’s should feel fairly comfortable. It’s not likely that the headline; ‘Jazz Club Riot’ will grace the pages of the press (unless it’s the Daily Mail – then yes, it’s likely) too soon. So, I was amazed to witness an unusual exchange at the door. Not once – but twice! Two […][...]

A customer service quick win

The spring broke on my office door handle. Not such a big deal but the lock is very very old. But hey, that’s what Google is for. Ten minutes later I’m sending a photograph of the inner workings of the latch to An astonishing nine minutes later I received a reply with an explanation of […][...]

Blue M&Ms

When we do keynote presentations I have a ‘rider’. That sounds a little prima donna but most of it is technical, and the rest has a couple of simple requests like ‘a bottle of still water at room temperature please’. A professional speaker doesn’t want anything chilled. On Tuesday, we presented at the London Business […][...]

Complaints – a chance to shine

If Mrs Heppell wasn’t Mrs Heppell I’d complain a lot more. She’s my complaint barometer, making sure that when things go wrong I’m less Victor Meldrew and more Dalai Lama. ‘But how will they learn?’, I protest. ‘It’s not your job to tell everyone where they’re going wrong with their customer service’. It’s usually at […][...]

What WOW looks like

On Tuesday evening Christine and I walked out of a restaurant in central Birmingham. The lackadaisical way we were greeted, followed by the barman’s screams into the Dining Room (he wanted them to know the coffees he was making were ready) left us with a strong sense that the rest of the night could be […][...]

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