Self-driving cars are about to do this…

Imagine a world where cars don’t just drive themselves, but also chat with each other. This isn’t a sci-fi scenario, it’s the imminent future of self-driving technology. These vernacular vehicles promise to revolutionise our roads by optimising routes, scheduling travel times, easing traffic and elevating safety.     It’s a thrilling (and yes, a bit scary) […][...]

Sharpen Your Life

Happy New Year! I received an invitation to purchase the world’s greatest knife sharpener with a rather splendid tagline. Everyone wants sharp knives. No one wants to sharpen them. Until now. I was intrigued and sure enough a very cool knife sharpener was on offer. For £250! I hardly use knives, but I still wanted […][...]

Tiny Triggers

Last week I presented a Magic Monday LIVE on Tiny Triggers. We all get triggered. I can deal with the big stuff. It’s the little ones that needle. Like cheese and onion crisps or bagpipes. It’s weird that we/you/me let these small inconveniences affect our demeanor. Like noisy eaters or dog poo. And even though we know […][...]

I wish I’d recorded that…

I’d just finished an online meeting with a potential new client about a keynote presentation.  Ideas were bouncing and (forgive a moment of ego) I shared some brilliant off-the-cuff ideas. At the end of the meeting, they commented that it sounded perfect, they loved it and wanted to book me.   Then I realised… In my […][...]

You don’t become better by accident

One of the best things about my job is interviewing highly successful people. And I love to weave in a question or two about how they did it. After 30+ years no one has claimed ‘It just happened’ or occurred ‘by accident’. It’s invariably about intention, focused effort and the magic ingredient… Learning from others. […][...]

Don’t fall in love

Have you heard of the Ford Edsel? In the 1950s, Ford Motors were on a roll. They believed they had their finger on the pulse of the American driver and the all new ‘Edsel’ was going to be their crowning glory. The Ford Execs were giddy and poured huge resources into the car’s development. They […][...]

No one cares

Last week I shared a newsletter about two mountains. Everest and Gangkhar Puensum. You can read it here. Like a numpty, I messed up the opening line. I think most people worked out what I was hoping to say. I had some lovely fun comments from kind readers apologising for their pedantism (I had to look […][...]

Climbing Gangkhar Puensum

Which mountain has been climbed least? Gangkhar Puensum or Everest? Must be the second one? After all, only 6,338 people have successfully climbed Everest – and one of those was Ben Fogel 😳 But the answer is Gangkhar Puensum – which is a derisory 40th in the tallest mountain charts, but remains the loftiest of the […][...]

Finding Peace

I’m torn on what to write today. Currently, there are 32 ongoing conflicts in the world. Our screens and streams are filled with what can only be described as horror. It’s easy to be saddened by the current onslaught of violence. I am. We want peace. Yet feel isolated. I’ve asked myself. What can I do […][...]

This week I’m 25

Not me personally, although some do say I look younger than my years. No? 😉 This week, my company Michael Heppell Ltd, is 25 years old. On 1st October 1998, Zoom – the Creative Consultancy was born. Yep, I was Zoom 12 years before Eric Yuan started his Zoom. I even had the domain name […][...]

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