The smart way to get a double espresso

Last week I had a few days writing in the sun. The hotel was very nice, the breakfast very average. Two days running, the early morning team managed to make the world’s worst double espresso. Weak, too much liquid, lukewarm. Yuck! I asked how they made them and they said it was just a button on the machine. […][...]

How you almost took Fiona on holiday

In 2005 some very ingenious boffins were working on a new device. Something which was to change the face of publishing. The project name was Fiona, and the geniuses loved it so much they couldn’t wait until it was launched and then everyone would want to own a Fiona. But there was a problem. These intellect-packed specialists knew lots about technology but Jack S*** about marketing and even less about sales. The equally clever people […][...]

Time for a culling

It’s that time!  The big pre-spring garden tidy has begun. We’ve been pruning like crazy; I’m sure I’m chopping too much off. It feels brutal. I’m assured by Mrs H that if I follow the five D’s of pruning, all will be fine. Dead, Dying, Damaged, Diseased and Deformed. Cutting back what isn’t needed, is […][...]

Someone busier than you …

‘Someone busier than you is running right now’   That was the text my friend, Fi received just at the right time. It wasn’t from a friend or family member.  It was from Nike. It was as if Nike knew. Fiona had had a very busy day.  She’s an Osteopath and had seen a multitude […][...]

Discovering The Moment

The moment of discovery is nothing compared to the discovery of the moment Read that twice. The moment of discovery feels great; that ‘aha’ flash is an adrenalin-fuelled fix. But when’s the next one? The next sale? A project completed? She said ‘yes’? Or another big moment?  You could be waiting for days, weeks, months or […][...]

3 Great Customer Service Stories

I thought it was time to share some inspirational service stories. As usual, your job is to keep thinking, ‘How can I use this?’   Shopping Nightmare Imagine the dread of buying £70 worth of shopping and then realising you have no method of payment. This is what happened to one of our clients, Nikki, […][...]

19 Things To Do In 2019

1. Grow at least one thing to eat Growing your food is cheap, healthy and above all, tasty. Whether you have acres of garden or a one-bedroom flat, there are fab food things you can grow. And when you’ve grown your own, it tastes incredible.   2. Watch Killing Eve We’re not the type of […][...]

Magnifying Christmas

Christmas is a massive magnifying glass. Every niggle becomes a drama. Every special moment becomes a magic moment. Every delay will feel like an eternity. Every drink will be a large one. Why not? It’s Christmas! The Christmas Magnifier is great for the positive things but when it comes to the challenges …. ouch! You […][...]

Bye Bye Chris Evans and Thank You

9 years ago today, I received the craziest phone call.  A producer for the Chris Evans Show on BBC Radio 2 rang me and asked if I’d like to be interviewed on his programme. She said, ‘Chris has read your book Flip It and wants to interview you about it’. ‘Of course. I’m in. What […][...]

Not Quite Nostradamus

I used to be a roofer – a job which was always full of banter. One day, we were working 30 miles from base and an extraordinary conversation took place. ‘What day is it?’ asked one of the lads. Quick as a flash Micky Thompson shouted, ‘Thursday!’ ‘Are you sure?’ enquired another. ‘Yes, I’m sure,’ said […][...]

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