Magnifying Christmas

Christmas is a massive magnifying glass. Every niggle becomes a drama. Every special moment becomes a magic moment. Every delay will feel like an eternity. Every drink will be a large one. Why not? It’s Christmas! The Christmas Magnifier is great for the positive things but when it comes to the challenges …. ouch! You […][...]

Bye Bye Chris Evans and Thank You

9 years ago today, I received the craziest phone call.  A producer for the Chris Evans Show on BBC Radio 2 rang me and asked if I’d like to be interviewed on his programme. She said, ‘Chris has read your book Flip It and wants to interview you about it’. ‘Of course. I’m in. What […][...]

Not Quite Nostradamus

I used to be a roofer – a job which was always full of banter. One day, we were working 30 miles from base and an extraordinary conversation took place. ‘What day is it?’ asked one of the lads. Quick as a flash Micky Thompson shouted, ‘Thursday!’ ‘Are you sure?’ enquired another. ‘Yes, I’m sure,’ said […][...]

Why Our Retailers Must Step Up

I’ve presented at several retailer conferences this year. The atmosphere has been buoyant at some and desperate at others. Sometimes, when I’m giving a keynote, I use fear as a motivator to give the audience a whack on the side of the head. For retailers, I used to name the shops which no longer exist […][...]


Hentitled: Those who strut, clucking endlessly about why they should have what they think they deserve, without putting in effort and forgetting everyone else…  Often with an ‘I’ve paid, therefore…’ mind-set. Cluck, cluck, cluck. ‘I pay my rates, why can’t the council pick up this rubbish?’ Cluck ‘I pay my taxes for the NHS – I […][...]

Mania Vs Contentment ….

Are you manic? Have you ever been? It’s not the most helpful state – but it’s a common one. Running late. Hoping for the call back. Overwhelmed with what there is to do. Wishing the kids would just settle!   Mania is always looking …..  Hoping to find the fix.  Searching for solutions. While mania always […][...]

Happy Birthday to ……

20 years ago, October 1st 1998, I started a new job. Founder of Michael Heppell Ltd. I was stoked. Totally clueless … but stoked. My own business, first day of trading and loads of people said they would book me. But, as many entrepreneurs know, someone saying they will buy your services and someone actually buying […][...]

What Ambition Really Looks Like

For regular readers of my newsletters, it’s no secret that I’m a fan of Vanarama. They’ve been a client for many years and really understand what brilliance looks like. Here’s the latest example of why they’re better: After a talk by Kevin Webber, the inspirational ambassador of Prostate Cancer UK, the staff at Vanarama decided […][...]

Unsexy Business

We all love a bit of tech – the latest gizmo or gadget. Investors love it too. Do you remember the dot com bubble? But while the headlines are being grabbed by sexy flash-in-the-pan start-ups, it’s the grafters who are the real backbone of any economy. Unsexy Businesses JR Cleaning services is owned by a […][...]

Why is it always the middle of the night when your smoke alarm beeps?

First of all, it’s great to be back.  We’ve rested for most of August and as usual, when it gets to September, I’m raring to go. Plus, conference season is starting and we’re going to be speaking to thousands of people over the next couple of months. Can’t wait. How was your summer? For half the […][...]

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