I’ve Had A Wobble

Yesterday, at around about 5:30pm, I drifted into our kitchen. I felt dazed and tearful. My shoulders ached. My mind was racing, but without clear thought. I had nothing left. For the last 10 days I’ve been coaching, supporting, broadcasting and sharing, trying to do my bit to help and encourage people during this difficult time We’ve all heard the story of the importance of ‘fitting your own oxygen mask […][...]

Hope IS A Strategy

I used to argue that ‘hope was not a strategy’; this was a classic piece of most business training, encouraging participants to be strategic. But in these days, HOPE is a strategy. In fact, without hope and faith, it’s easy to become very low. I’ve spent the last 10 days mainly on Zoom and Teams, coaching; helping people and organisations (of […][...]

Protecting your honour

‘Right you, let’s sort this outside.’ It’s not the coolest way to settle an argument; it’s also a bit old fashioned and personally, I’d run. The modern day duel is usually a battle of words; rap battles, comedy roasts, Twitter spats. Not really guns at dawn. The history of the duel goes back well before the image of two toffs taking three paces; in fact it dates back to […][...]

What you need and what you want

I need an ice cream I need a long dress I need a faster car I need a new house Need or want? The difference between what we need and what we want is subtle. But vital. Being able to differentiate between these two verbs can make the difference between being happy or sad. The child doesn’t need the ice cream, the teenager doesn’t […][...]

Why we lie

From an early age, we’re encouraged to tell the truth. The problem with telling the truth is sometimes it can get us into trouble, or can make us feel inadequate.  Whereas a lie can be a shortcut to joy, safety and a timely ego stroke. So why do we lie? We lie to: Escape being punished Avoid embarrassment Win admiration Obtain something that’s not otherwise available […][...]

Same Old Path?

Arne Naess lived in a solitary cabin directly under the Hallingskarvet mountain range at Tvergastein. He vowed to take an alternative route each time he walked to his cabin -and did this for many years.  This was also something all visitors had to do. Arne was determined that no one single path should lead up to […][...]

Whey you’re empty

‘I’m absolutely running on empty’. Familiar? The phrase running on empty has become an all too common part of our vocabulary. And constantly having to ‘top up’ has become harder. In an average week, withdrawals can be made by: kids, customers, colleagues, bosses, partner, friends, suppliers, neighbours, that person you sat opposite on the train, checkouts, […][...]

Shiny and New

Just before Christmas I hosted an event where a management team reviewed their 90 Days Of Massive Action projects and declared their goals for 2020. One said something that really struck a chord. ‘You know when you get a new car, how well you look after it? That’s how I’m looking after this training.’ It’s the […][...]

20 ways to make 2020 your best year ever – LIVE

But not just yet… I like writing. But love presenting. In the past I’ve created lots of ‘ways to’ newsletters. This year I’m doing something a little different. Rather than write, I’m going to present my 20 ways… in a live webinar. It will last for 59 minutes, take place at 6pm on Thursday January […][...]

The Ego has Landed

We were being driven to a venue for a tech set up and sound check on Monday night when Christine suddenly exclaimed, ‘Wow, look at that!’ I was searching for the Newcastle United team news and my head was buried in my mobile. If it wasn’t for Mrs H’s eagle eye I could have missed […][...]

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