All organisations want to provide the best service for their customers; both internal and external.

Staff want to feel included, to be part of an organisation’s future and to share in its success.

However, unless an employee feels confident, suitably equipped and happy, they won’t feel fulfilled, your customers will never enjoy a brilliant experience and the growth of the organisation will be stilted.

That’s why we created Hearts and Minds

Hearts for your customer, Minds for yourself

‘You can’t be better for your customer unless you are better for yourself first.’

The Programme

Hearts and Minds is an exciting 90-day (12 week) Programme researched, written and launched by Michael Heppell Ltd and delivered by a group of your trained Ambassadors.

Each week (or fortnight) all staff participate in a 15-30 minute Sizzle Session.

In small (Ambassador led) groups, they work on a selection of Hearts (Customer Service) and Minds (Personal Development) topics. This is followed by a weekly challenge to embed the ideas.

Hearts and Minds is designed around you and your needs.  So every issue is a live issue, every challenge makes an immediate difference to your business and most importantly the Programme is tailored just for you.

Films are used to introduce each of the topics, ensuring a consistent approach across the whole organisation.

If you’d like to know more about Hearts and Minds then please use this contact form here.

There’s a short film below of Ambassadors sharing their Hearts and Minds experiences.