You’re here because of Davina.

Either that or you couldn’t resist clicking the button (I know me too).

If you did come into my world via Davina, I’d like to ask you a favour.

As well as being a friend, she’s a woman I deeply admire.

I thought it might be nice to make her a video showing how, from a mention in an article, podcast, interview etc, she has made a difference by bringing us together.

Could I encourage you to record a 10 second (ish) video of you saying thank you and showing what you’ve done. Have your book, share what you’re doing, give a thumbs up, anything.

Once you’ve recorded it you can send it to [email protected] (if it’s a big file use – you can do this via mobile too) and I’ll put them together. Don’t worry about it being perfect, I can tidy up false starts and wobbly endings.

If you could do it and send it by October 1st that would be amazing.

In fact, just do it now!

I’ll send you copy of the video when it’s done.

Be Brilliant!


PS I’m emailing you this message too.