You don’t book a specific seat at Ronnie Scott’s. You buy your ticket and the Maître D’ will show you to a table.

Don’t get me wrong, there are no bad seats in Ronnie Scott’s, but there are some that are better than others.

And here’s how to get them.


That’s it. Be pleasant to everyone on your way in, then ask the helpful Maître D’ for a specific seat.  Knowing your favourite table number helps (and may mean you’ve been there before).

Most people don’t ask.

Don’t be most people.

It costs nothing, but be gracious if you are refused and very grateful if your request is fulfilled

Just ask.

Be Brilliant!


PS If you missed the first two lessons from Ronnie Scott’s on Talent and Choice you can read them by clicking on the titles.


  1. March 17th 2017 by Barry

    And here I was waiting for something left-field……but this is even better and so true! Love it.
    So simple but so effective.
    In my Business Development role, sometimes the most important question is not asked i.e. asking for the business!
    Simple. “Just ask”. Thank you as always Michael.

    1. March 17th 2017 by Michael Heppell

      Simple – often best.

  2. November 23rd 2017 by John

    Fine stuff, Cheers.

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