I’d reached my mid 40s and successfully managed to avoid it.

Then one day, I can’t recall exactly how, I suddenly found myself joining a yoga class.

I was the only short, overweight, bloke in the room. And obviously I hadn’t received the LuLuLemon memo so turned up wearing a Newcastle United strip.

There were many good reasons why I should have made my excuses and left. After all, this was never going to be a specialist subject of mine.

There’s an argument (promoted by coaches – like me) that you should focus on your unique ability – get rid of all other distractions.

Then there’s the counter argument (promoted by coaches – like me) that you should focus on your weaknesses.

So, which one?

The answer lies somewhere in between.

If it’s important and you want to be really good at it, but you’re not, then it can be seen as embarrassing.

You may need to improve your presentation skills, but you’d rather die than stand up in public.

You would like to take on more responsibility, but you’re fearful of how your colleagues will react to you as a leader.

You would love to start a relationship, but you’re terrified of rejection.

It’s better to pick up the phone than hide behind an email, but how do you start the conversation?

You need a tough discussion with your significant other, but you leave it, hoping time will sort it out (it rarely does).

All of these embarrassing situations can be improved by learning the skills needed to become better.

Like that first yoga lesson, it was a tad embarrassing to start with. But ten years on… you want to see my tree pose!

I have a challenge for you; this week, step out of your comfort zone and improve one thing you feel slightly embarrassed about.

I will if you will.

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Have a brilliant weekend and I’ll message you again on Monday

Be Brilliant!


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