Are you manic?

Have you ever been?

It’s not the most helpful state – but it’s a common one.

Running late. Hoping for the call back. Overwhelmed with what there is to do. Wishing the kids would just settle!


Mania is always looking ….. 

Hoping to find the fix.  Searching for solutions.

While mania always looks. Contentment always finds.

Contentment finds because it doesn’t need to look – it’s already there.

Take a breath.

Look around.

Think of 5 things to be grateful for right now.

Contentment doesn’t rely on external out-of-your-control forces.

It’s right here.

Be Brilliant!





  1. October 18th 2018 by Lesley McGrath

    This came at just the right moment to stop the hysteria/mania building. Cheers 🙂

  2. October 18th 2018 by Alexandra Ridsdale

    Goodness me! How did you know I needed that message at that precise moment! Many thanks ……and breathe! Perfect!

  3. October 18th 2018 by Audrey

    Thanks, Michael for your comment. Much appreciated. From a very old Jarrovian. I never miss your input.

  4. October 19th 2018 by neil harrison

    Michael – this comment is not helpful if, like me, you are bipolar. As a senior executive, I had a number of hypomanic and (worse) manic episodes, so the term “manic” holds terrible memories of being sectioned for me!

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