On Monday, I felt busy the whole day; but when I looked back, I didn’t seem to get anything done.

Ever felt that way?

The point is I was busy; but was I being effective?

That evening I made a new commitment.

Each day, for the rest of the week, I was going to get a minimum of two things over the line.

I love this expression ‘over the line’ as it makes me visualise the finish line.

Completed. Finished. Done.

I even set up an accountability buddy who would push me. Thanks Vanessa.

I also reflected. Why did I let this happen?

A few minutes of thinking made me realise.

Once again, I was too busy being the teacher and not spending enough time being the student.

I already have the perfect method to ensure you finish each day with at least a few items over the line.

I’d even coached it at the weekend.

But I hadn’t done it.

The $100,000 Idea is one of my most effective Time Management and Productivity Tools. See page 41 of How To Save An Hour Every Day.

I know this. I literally wrote the book on it.

So why had I stopped doing it?

Because I’m human – and humans are terribly (wonderfully?) inconsistent.

Today, one of my 5 most important things is to write this message.


Be Brilliant!


PS What do you need to get over the line?  Leave your comments below.



  1. August 27th 2020 by Manj Kalar

    Love it!

    Completely agree. Great article and reminder to focus on outputs/outcomes and not presenteeism. Just turning up is not enough, it is how we use our time.


  2. August 28th 2020 by Linda Starr

    I need my manager to take holidays! He had Thursday and today off and the to do list with 13 items on it is now down to a respectable 5. I do normally get a couple of things done each day but I have to make myself unavailable. I find that if I give a rough estimate for each task and then block the time out on my work calendar, I get things done!

  3. September 11th 2022 by Mark

    Thanks for your blog, nice to read. Do not stop.

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