How to say no

YES! Yes, I’ll do it – Too easy. Sorry No – Too hard. If, like me, you are presented with a dozen or so opportunities a week (thank you LinkedIn) … If you have well-meaning souls aiming to make your life richer, more fulfilled, etc … If you feel like you don’t have enough time […][...]

Intuition vs FOMO

You’re told to follow your intuition. It’s a classic coach to student challenge. The problem, is really following your intuition means you are sometimes going to have to say ‘no’. ‘No’ to opportunities. ‘No’ to temptations. ‘No’ to requests. And that’s tough. Especially, if like most people, you have a bit of FOMO. Fear Of […][...]

What I do when I can’t be bothered

Before the ink is dry the panic has already set in. You’ve just signed a deal – a book deal. And not only that but in the contract, you’ve promised your publisher thousands – yes thousands (and thousands) of words. Words that must make sense, educate, inform and entertain. And deep down you know the […][...]

Why You Should Be Having More Meetings

I called my mate yesterday. 5 hours later he called me back, apologising and explaining he’d been in a meeting.  An all afternoon (4 and half hour!) meeting. ‘How was it?’ I asked. I’ll leave you to imagine his colourful answer. But here’s a thought. The fact is we need more meetings. Just not the […][...]

Why Urgent Can Wait

Why Urgent Can Wait Did you miss me? Probably not. I can’t imagine you sat in front of your computer every day wondering why Michael Heppell hasn’t sent you a newsletter and hoping it might arrive today. It’s not that I’m lazy. It’s just that writing a newsletter didn’t make my FMITTDT list last week. […][...]

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