We were being driven to a venue for a tech set up and sound check on Monday night when Christine suddenly exclaimed, ‘Wow, look at that!’

I was searching for the Newcastle United team news and my head was buried in my mobile.

If it wasn’t for Mrs H’s eagle eye I could have missed it.

Or could I?

How could I have missed a 12 meter by 2 meter billboard with my fizzog beaming at everyone on one of Gran Canaria’s busiest roundabouts.

The purpose of a billboard is to interrupt.  Not necessarily to sell, but to attract attention.  Marketing bods describe it as ‘above the line’. Funny thing is I’m pretty sure the person who had the biggest reaction to it was yours truly.

So much so that after the event we had to stop for the photo opportunity.

Don’t tell me you wouldn’t.

All communication is ten times more effective if you put the person you are communicating to front and centre. And yet how often do we try to make ourselves the hero?

The job of the communicator is to be the guide.  The person you are communicating to, is the hero.

Help them to save the planet.
Get their deal.
Engage their customers…

What are your examples of brilliant advertising? Please share them below.

Be Brilliant!

PS I have succumbed, and I will be doing a Cyber Monday offer. And it will be quite niche. And if it’s not for you just hit delete. But don’t unsubscribe. I have some amazing stuff for you leading up to the end of the year and something very special for 2020. Deal?


  1. November 28th 2019 by Mark Pickles

    When I was Marketing Director of a car brand…..
    Filling up my car with fuel on the way home from work, my eyes are drawn to the fuel pump nozzle advert, which (like all 48 nozzles in the station, and at several other local sites) read as follows:
    “Hey! Are you Mark Pickles [i.e. me]??? We’d love to talk to you about advertising on these nozzles, which are seen by 1000’s of drivers per week. Give me a call on….”

    Talk about cheeky, an ultra targeted message using a car from targeted media, but it got my attention – but not my media dollars!

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