It’s that time!  The big pre-spring garden tidy has begun.

We’ve been pruning like crazy; I’m sure I’m chopping too much off. It feels brutal.

I’m assured by Mrs H that if I follow the five D’s of pruning, all will be fine.

Dead, Dying, Damaged, Diseased and Deformed.

Cutting back what isn’t needed, is what is needed.

Fruit only grows on culled trees. You don’t see the benefits immediately. Energy is stored and when all that goodness comes back it can be focused on the fruit.

Like pruning trees, culling time is similar.

Could you cut back on wasted time (which gives you short term pleasure) to gain benefits later on?

How do you feel about saying no to something shiny and immediate now, then making yourself work on a dull but important task which gives huge results in time?

Do you have the motivation to work on health now rather than ‘crashing’ two weeks before your holidays in July?

Boring isn’t it? That’s why – at the time of the culling – it’s important to be a futurist; to paint the picture of the longer term and see the benefits.

It’s painful initially … but by having a time cull, planting the right time-seeds now and nurturing the right stuff, you will benefit from the fruits in time.

Please share your time-culling ideas on what you can cut back on now to receive the fruits later, here.

Be Brilliant!



  1. March 7th 2019 by Jonathan

    Surely it should be: – it’s important to be a fruit-urist 🙂

  2. March 7th 2019 by Annie Watsham

    Absolutely BRILLIANT. THANK YOU. I have always loved your to-the-point little anecdotes and have been following you for years. I know all this stuff, but today I needed this one VERY MUCH!!!!!

    Warmest regards


  3. March 17th 2019 by Lucy Kendall

    Perfect timing for this Michael, it arrived in my inbox just in time for my meeting with the team about why we need to invest time in our data enhancement! This is definitely a “dull but important task” but necessary to achieve huge results.

    This is a perfect analogy, and pruning the garden sounds much more appealing than sorting data!

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