When political parties and governments decide to have a reshuffle, it always makes the news.

Who’s out, who’s in?

It should bring fresh ideas to the table and give those who weren’t performing an ‘opportunity to focus on new projects’.

That’s the positive spin.

What would you reshuffle?

What can you remove?

Who can you bring in?

And who can you move out?

The most controversial part of my book, Flip It – how to get the best out of everything – is the section from pages 30 to 36.  Look it up.

It’s where I suggest you do a ‘friend’s audit’.

Who should stay and who should go?

I even invented a grid to help with the process.

Why was it so controversial?

As much as some readers thought it was a brilliant idea and just what they needed to remove some negative people from their lives…

Others felt that I was being a [add your favourite expletive here] as you can’t do that to your ‘friends’.

Make a start, take a look at the most important person in the world.


You are the PM and it’s up to you who you have in your circle.

If it’s true that you become like people who you spend most of your time with, is it time for a reshuffle?

I’d love to know what you think here.

Be Brilliant!


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  1. December 16th 2021 by wendy McCracken

    I would swap out the whole Tory govt who are untrustworthy and duplititous.
    Kier and gang in and I would be a happy bunny

  2. December 16th 2021 by Marek Kubiakowski

    Some of us think that the labour party is trustworthy; we have also had our fill of lies and deceit, most recently under Corbin. Kier is just as much a ditherer as any politician. They are all crooked at the end of the day, all out for themselves and put us all last in their thoughts. The Tories have been disappointed. Boris is a loose cannon and needs replacing, not by Kier and gang. They say yes to the Tories regarding the pandemic as nobody could have envisaged such mayhem with public health and the economy. Labour would also have had no idea how to deal with the pandemic effectively. The labour government doesn’t have any strong convictions and will never put any serious ideas across for the Commons debate. They are weak and haven’t won an election for many years. We all like casting stones but rarely look at ourselves first. There it is. I have had my rant. Keep smiling!

  3. December 16th 2021 by Nia Turley

    Michael- Boris and the Tories aside, this is a very timely email fitting well with so e advice I received yesterday to have a clear out before the year ends. Delete old conversations, photos, videos abd contacts to detach from hoarding moments that do not provide positive energies. While you’re at it, have a social media tidy up. I was prepared for that but am first going to read the Controversial chapter. Thanks 😊

  4. December 17th 2021 by Mary Masaba

    Get rid of Boris’ hairdresser. Or chop off his untidy Goldilocks

  5. December 17th 2021 by Tricia Frances

    Yep definitely time for a reshuffle. The most important person in my life is me-without me, they don’t have me either! Sometimes we forget that don’t we!

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