If like millions of football fans you’ve been watching the World Cup –

Or let’s face it, even if you haven’t been watching it you know about it –

Then you’ll know there’s a bit of a feeling that a win could be on the cards.

That’s the beauty of being a fan.


Belief that your team are just 3 wins away from winning the actual World flippin’ World Cup.

It’s intangible, inexplicable… and bloody exciting.

Imagine what else could be fuelled with that level of passion and belief?

So how do I know we’ll win?

Simple, I haven’t said who ‘we’ are.

I have readers from all over the world and all the remaining teams and their fans think they will win.

That’s belief.

And one will be right.

That’s a fact.

Be Brilliant!


PS If it isn’t obvious who I think will win; then let’s just say, it’s coming home. Feels a bit like it’s coming home via Mars, but it’s coming home.


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