We talk about the importance of two-way conversations, but actually there’s so much more.

To be truly connected we have to have multiple conversations, with multiple people, in multiple ways.

I do enjoy writing these newsletters and sharing my thoughts, but for a some time now I’ve been frustrated.

It feels to me like I’m broadcasting (one-way) rather than having a real conversation.

So this week I’ve launched the How to Be Brilliant private Facebook group where I can have conversations with hundreds of people…

and the members can have conversations with like-minded people, too.

I’m sorry if you’re not on Facebook (although I think most people are) but it seemed like the best platform to start this new group. I’m doing live broadcasts, starting discussions, answering questions and much more.

Over 300 people joined in the first few days and the support and encouragement from everybody who has signed up has been really overwhelming.

This is your personal invitation to join in. 

Just click on this link and you will be taken to the page and asked to answer just 3 questions.

The first is to find out what I need to do to help members, the second is an agreement not to spam the group and the third is your email address, should you want to receive (this) newsletter. Obviously, if we already have it just say ‘already on the list’.

I really hope that you will become part of this new community – full of vibrant conversation, live broadcasts, inspiration and personal development.

We will still be sending out this newsletter every week, but most of my focus for the next few months will be going into supporting this exciting private Facebook group.

Come and join us.

Be Brilliant!


PS My next live broadcast will take place tomorrow. Fix It Friday is happening every week at 12 noon.
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