But not just yet…

I like writing. But love presenting.

In the past I’ve created lots of ‘ways to’ newsletters. This year I’m doing something a little different.

Rather than write, I’m going to present my 20 ways… in a live webinar.

It will last for 59 minutes, take place at 6pm on Thursday January 9th and you’re invited.

You can watch in two ways.

There are one hundred places on a special Zoom webinar (NOW FULL so please register with Facebook Live) .

With Zoom you can ask questions (via keyboard), watch in glorious HD and be very much a part of it (don’t worry it’s watch only mode, so you won’t be on the screen).

Or you can watch on Facebook where I’ll be streaming a Facebook Live broadcast.

Registration is easy, and here’s the best bit… it’s completely free.

For the Facebook Live version click here and make sure you click ‘going’ on my Michael Heppell Official page.

By now, you will have had lots of Happy New Year messages, so let me add mine… with a twist.

By the fact you’ve read this far; in a newsletter that is designed for people who are interested in their own personal development, you’re very special.

You took time to sign up.

It’s easy to unsubscribe.

It’s tougher to open – over half my subscribers won’t even open this email.

It’s massively challenging to find the time to read this far, many won’t.

At this point, I know you’re committed.

So, my special friend, what are you going to do to make 2020 your best year ever?

Join me next Thursday at 6pm for my webinar and I promise to share with you the tools to help you live your best life this year.

Happy new year!

Be Brilliant!


I’ve written 17 of the 20, what do you think I should cover in the other three?  If I use your suggestion, I’ll send you a copy of How to Be Brilliant.  Please leave your ideas below.


  1. January 2nd 2020 by Lisa Coleman

    How about covering
    How to keep motivated
    Or making sure your Brilliance stays shiny when its starting to feel a little tarnished….

  2. January 2nd 2020 by Linda Waite

    How to stop procrastinating

  3. January 2nd 2020 by Chris Adcock

    I am keen to attend the webinar but unfortunately can’t, however my suggestion for inclusion in your list of 20 is to start with an extract from the famous quote by Marianne Williamson “….Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you…”. I see too many introverts hiding their light under under a bushel and then hiding the bushel (!), when in reality many have outstanding contributions to make to business, life and possibly the world

  4. January 2nd 2020 by Karrie-Ann Fox

    Mindset – Getting your head in the right place

  5. January 2nd 2020 by Jane

    I think no 20 could be something along the lines of ‘better is good’ to take the pressure off feeling that anything less than best is failure. So the ability to reflect on how best is perceived. I’d be hard pressed to say which of my 50+ years was my best but at times I’d have definitely said last year was one of my worst – however now it’s gone it was in many ways extraordinary, challenging and insightful. I’ve come out of it having learnt so much and definitely better that I don’t think I’d change it. So maybe it was one of my best?

  6. January 2nd 2020 by April Hunt

    Remain positive in the face of adversity – Write down the good things that happen in 2020 – no matter how small – in your calendar or on a slip of paper and put in a jar etc, and when you feel a bit challenged, read them. And on 30/31st December, make a cuppa and spend time reading and reflecting on them. Be proud of your achievements.

  7. January 2nd 2020 by Pauline Johnson

    Give some time in 2020 to a cause that is dear to you or causes you concern. You will help that cause; learn things about yourself and others and be rewarded in unexpected ways.

  8. January 2nd 2020 by Tracey Elliott

    Keep learning -it doesn’t have to be formal training or gaining certificates. Those little everyday gems of knowledge, often picked up in passing, help you to keep going forward.

  9. January 2nd 2020 by John Berry

    Diary time for own development. Suggest 15 minutes per day. Doing this daily rather than weekly or monthly will help to make it a habit. Perhaps spend longer on this once per month.
    I have found that reflecting on and building strengths is much more powerful and positive than focussing on weaknesses or areas for development.

  10. January 2nd 2020 by Michael Brewer

    Reduce your social media time to 30 minutes, or less, per day and use the gained time to engage with nature which includes human beings.

  11. January 2nd 2020 by Jim

    “Time without ENERGY is devoid of value”,(you can use my quote 🙂 along with managing TIME, ATTENTION, ENERGY management MUST be taken more seriously, think about self as an ecosystem. Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual, so Preserve Renew and Enhance ENERGY.

  12. January 2nd 2020 by Matthew Rolph

    Great email, as usual! Thanks very much Michael. Here’s my 2cents on your final 3 things…
    1. Do something that makes you uncomfortable at least once per month.
    2. Read more. At least a book a month.
    3. Ask for what you want. Don’t let fear get in the way. Most people will be surprised what they can get if only they just ask for it!

  13. January 3rd 2020 by Graham Bridgman

    Spend more time on things where you can make a difference and less on those things where you cant- be ruthlessly efficient!

  14. January 4th 2020 by Caroline Christer

    How to focus, survive, remain positive and plan for the future when an unexpected situation arises that can seriously damage a business

  15. January 4th 2020 by Diane

    How when given a choice of being right or being kind – choose kindness

  16. January 6th 2020 by Debbie Ross

    Managing expectations – How to say no and feel ok about it

    1. January 13th 2020 by Michael Heppell

      Hi Debbie

      That’s one of the tools I cover in How To Save An Hour Every Day – Now as a live webinar https://www.michaelheppell.com/time

      Be Brilliant!


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