The doorman at Ronnie Scott’s should feel fairly comfortable.

It’s not likely that the headline; ‘Jazz Club Riot’ will grace the pages of the press (unless it’s the Daily Mail – then yes, it’s likely) too soon.

So, I was amazed to witness an unusual exchange at the door. Not once – but twice!

Two very nicely dressed couples within 60 seconds of each other experienced the same response. It went a bit like this.

Doorman: ‘Sorry, sold out’.

Couple: ‘Oh that’s a shame’.

Doorman: ‘Been sold out for weeks, mate’.

Couple: ‘OK’.

Then they walk down the road into the heart of Soho and a gazillion bars who are more than happy to take their money.

You could be thinking, ‘Come on Michael, the gig was sold out, he was just doing his job!’

And you would be right, if Ronnie Scott’s didn’t have a second venue, open to the public, only half full and literally 3 feet away. And they do! Upstairs at Ronnie’s is just next door.

Bad news, wherever possible, should always be followed up with solutions or alternatives.

Tomorrow features my third, and final, lesson from Ronnie Scott’s. How to get the best seats in the house.

If you missed Lesson 1 on Talent you can read it here.

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