Last week I promised you 3 ways to get out of the blues.

You can read the original post ‘Blue Monday Bull’ here:

Like any tools to change your state, they’re simple but not easy. Having taught these ideas to thousands of people over the years, I’ve discovered that the trick is to practice them when you don’t need them, so they’re easy when you do.

1) Shoulder Pulls. Any physical activity will help to change your state but when you put your fists high above your head, pull your arms down and make a ‘whoa’ sound you instantly feel better.

Go on test it – this is particularly good fun if you’re on a plane or a train.

2) Fake Face. Force your face into a ridiculous smile. I say ridiculous smile because the more facial muscles you use when you do this the better.

Now here’s the challenge. See if you can hold it for 60 seconds.

3) Emergency Grateful List. Write in the notes on your phone, or text yourself 5 things you are grateful for in your life. Do it now. The idea of writing a grateful list while you are in the blues is daunting – but reading something you prepared earlier is much easier.

Only a few more days of January remaining now.

For readers in the Northern hemisphere; have you noticed how the light nights are coming in?

For everyone. You’re reading this on some amazing technological piece of equipment that, just a few years ago, couldn’t even be imagined, never mind built.

Now that’s something to be happy about.

Be Brilliant!



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