Readers in the UK can’t fail to have noticed that we’ve experienced a mini heatwave.

It’s tooooo hot!’ Britains cry.

But is it?

How can it be?

Hot, cold, wet, windy; it just is.

Accepting is hard. Especially accepting what’s outside of your control, ie. the weather.

But if you can… it’s liberating.

My favourite comment from the week is this cracker: ‘It’s too hot. It’s unbearable. And it’s going to rain at the weekend.’


Enjoy the weather.

As always, I’d love your thoughts on this. Please comment below.

Be Brilliant!


PS Beautiful quote from Billy Connolly: ‘There’s no such thing as the wrong weather, only the wrong clothes.’


  1. July 22nd 2021 by Azadeh

    You are so inspirational,you write few sentences but it means alot .
    Thanks !

  2. July 22nd 2021 by MarkR

    Billy Connelly was presumably misquoting Alfred Wainwright, the walker, who wrote, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing” in his 1973 book Coast to Coast.

  3. July 22nd 2021 by Ladey Adey

    We have to seem pessimistic about the weather in the UK – otherwise what would we have to talk about?

  4. July 22nd 2021 by David Palmer

    We only suffer, in this country, from an inability of temperatures to rise and fall progressively, thus allowing acclimatisation. We’ll be used to it by October.

  5. July 22nd 2021 by john kingdon

    My good friend phoned. I said God it’s hot, he said don’t sunburnt, I aswered a bit difficult laying in a hostpital bed!

  6. July 22nd 2021 by Michelle Ritchens

    Global warming, we would never win when it comes to the weather. But we love to moan about it.

  7. July 22nd 2021 by Elizabeth

    The weather is perfect. I have cleared a corner space to work comfortably with the fan on. I am reading and making notes for typing later and a bunch of lovely cold grapes are just the snack to eat. Perfect 🥰
    Have a lovely afternoon everyone xx

  8. July 22nd 2021 by Garry

    Talking about the weather is fine. Complaining or letting affect our moods and lives is the most un-inspirational and pointless things we can choose to do. Get wet, get hot, get cold and rejoice being alive enough to notice. The media are pathetic enough for all of us. 30 degrees is no big deal. UK has marched through those temperatures again and again. Btw, having not allowed it to rain on my wedding day and clearing the clouds for my guests prove to me the power of acceptance, choice and influence. And yes, I’m fine if you think I’m kidding. Those of us that are in the know believe :). Enjoy the sky, whatever the colour. Enjoy the rain for nature and our complexion. Enjoy the sun for your vitamin intake. Think wonderful thoughts and rejoice life. G

  9. July 22nd 2021 by Charles Bonilla

    What if the weather folks put the weather in perspective? Summers in many places SHOULD be hot (okay, Phoenix is TOO hot); Winters should be cold. We need the rain (though perhaps not the torrents in some places). What if acknowledged the extremes the better to appreciate the moderate days?

  10. July 22nd 2021 by Victoria Jane

    Whether the weather is hot
    Whether the weather is not
    We’ll weather the weather
    Whatever the weather
    Whether we like it or not
    I learned this spelling rhyme as a child 😀

  11. July 22nd 2021 by Etya Krichmar

    It is always hot in Florida. As a northerner, it took me years to recognize he signs of Winter. But what is the point to complaint about something I have no control over.

  12. July 22nd 2021 by Marek Kubiakowski

    Brits love moaning about the weather. It is what it is, we just need to deal with it. I was on board a 1955 “Boat-train” yesterday, sweating profusely due to the weather. I loved every minute on both counts. If it rained, I would still say that the day was brilliant.

  13. July 22nd 2021 by Mark Thompson-O'Connor

    Oh well; nearly Christmas 😀
    And looking forward to the snow!

  14. July 22nd 2021 by Eva Hnizdo

    I am Czech, but have been living in London since 1986. My beloved British talk about the weather a lot. That is because they mostly don’t have any. No extremes. So +5 degrees Celsius is commented as ” Siberian conditions” and a heatwave of 29degrees Celsius is unbearable. Yet, their ancestors survived in those hot colonies in India and Africa. So yep. But it is partly also that a country where weather is the most important reason to complain is a happy country.

  15. July 22nd 2021 by David Evans

    I love our British weather….it’s never boring and predictable,as it can be elsewhere.
    But unless the roof is actually leaking,any weather is good writing weather!

  16. July 23rd 2021 by Gillian Westlake

    The words “its too hot”will never pass my lips unless I’m unlucky enough to ever be in an inferno !! Love love love this weather and long may it last ….

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