Count to 17: Counting to ten was the old way to calm. These days it can take a little longer and a few more fingers.

Feel better? If not… count again.

Remove decisions: Decisions cause micro stressors – see last week’s newsletter and the brilliant comments from readers.

Scrunch your hands as tightly as you can… then release them very slowly. Focus on watching one hand closely as you do this.

Drink a large glass of water: As bonkers as this seems, you’ll feel better when the glass is half empty.

Brain dump everything that’s going on in your maxed-out mind onto some paper: Use colour. Set yourself a 17-minute timer and keep writing, doodling and scribbling until either the 17-minute timer pings or the page is full.

What are your simple stress-busting ideas? Please leave your comment below.

I’ll send a copy of my stress-reversing book Flip It to our favourite. Last week’s brilliant winner was Lesley Munro.

Brilliant People

Tonight at 6pm  (Thursday 28th January 2021) I’m hosting a brand new Chat Show called Brilliant People. The guests are three people who inspire me and I’m sure they will inspire you, too.

They include an Astronomer who’s also an actor, a former priest who is now a Radio Host and an artist and former news reporter who now shows others how to be a Little Bit Famous.

If you’d like a list of places where you can watch, please click here.

Be Brilliant!



  1. January 28th 2021 by Eleanor Dickie

    Wrap up warm and take a nice hot cuppa into the garden and just breath in the fresh air.

  2. January 28th 2021 by Simon Bourne

    Hitting a squash ball as hard as possible is the absolute best way for me to de-stress. Not possible right now though

  3. January 28th 2021 by Gerri Moore

    Go outside and just scream for as long as you need, it is extremely invigorating and expels all the stress and tension. (neighbours may think you’ve gone mad though)

  4. January 28th 2021 by Diane Roe

    See 5 things, Hear 4 things, touch three things, smell two things and taste one thing. Right, grounded, go…..

  5. January 28th 2021 by Elaine Allen

    Set a timer for five minutes. Spend this time wallowing in your misery. Recite all the things that are getting you down. Keep digging until it’s all out. When the timer goes off do something that you know you will enjoy. Do not allow any negativity in again until 24 hours later when you can do it again.

  6. January 28th 2021 by Caroline Christer

    Cup of tea and sewing for sure, a cuddle with my spaniel Monty. If it’s not raining, a walk around the block – he’s always up for that 😊 Looking at photos of my two little granddaughters always does the trick too 💜

  7. January 28th 2021 by MarkR

    Force yourself to physically smile. Apparently your emotions will then follow suit.

  8. January 28th 2021 by ANNE BETH JORDAN

    Stand by my open back door, lean against the door post, look up at the sky and do nothing, think of nothing and feel myself breathing.

  9. January 29th 2021 by Nicole

    I find watching a funny clip on you tube helps and I also love watching inspirational or motivating clips/videos too! One of the best ones I’ve seen is the man who broke the one minute mile!! Just awesome!!

  10. January 29th 2021 by David Rogers

    Exercise – A simple walk, a weight session or HIIT. Get the adrenaline going to destroy the stress

  11. January 29th 2021 by jim hetherton

    Just BREATH, but do it right. You have one nose and one mouth, mouth is for eating nose is for breathing. You should breath by your mouth as often as you eat by nose!
    Read James Nestor “Breath”

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