I sometimes find myself creating new words and terminology. I found these in my notes and thought I’d share them.

Hypercyclical – When you do the same old thing, day in day out.

Promotional Wreck – A publicity idea that backfires.

Cockle – A group of male nudists*

Formulater [form-u-later] – A person who has form (same old excuses) for procrastination.

Phone View – An opinion formed (often global) through apps on a mobile device rather than through discussion.

I’d love to know your new words and phrases.  Please leave a comment below.

I may be a Sharler [person who fishes for shares and comments when they write an article], but I’m interested!

Be Brilliant!


* I can’t take credit for this one.  Christine concocted it when we stumbled upon a rather terrifying sight during a beach walk last Summer.



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