Valentines Advice

I’ve asked Christine to offer 3 pieces of advice for men and I’ve bitten the bullet and dared to offer 3 pieces for women.

Advice for Men from Christine

You can be right or you can be married – you can’t be both.

Saying you didn’t hear is not a clever excuse when you didn’t listen.

When we say, ‘I’ll be five minutes’ think of it more as a metaphor than a fact.

Advice for Women from Michael

Men love to fix things. So break little things for us to mend; but not our hearts.

Seriously, we do not pick up on hints. If you’d like something for your; birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, let us know EXACTLY what you want. Write it down, stick it in front of our faces then there’s slightly more of a chance that you’ll get it.

You look amazing. Really. That dress is fantastic, your hair is great, you rock those shoes.

We’ll say this even if you’re wearing a bin liner, rollers and a pair of Crocs.  We love you from the inside out.

Have a wonderful romantic weekend.

Be Brilliant!



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