The spring broke on my office door handle. Not such a big deal but the lock is very very old.

But hey, that’s what Google is for. Ten minutes later I’m sending a photograph of the inner workings of the latch to

An astonishing nine minutes later I received a reply with an explanation of the part I need, a link to view it online and a nice personal message. All that effort for a sale of just £1.19.

So what?

The what is actually a when. It was 9pm on Monday evening.

You and your customers want everything faster.

Yesterday morning, at 10am I emailed a cable manufacturer enquiring about a bit of kit.  I’m still waiting for their response.

Only 24 hours but it feels like an age.

One of the quickest wins in customer service is to speed things up.

Respond sooner.

Move faster.

Deliver quicker.

Call back sharper.

In my book 5 Star Service there’s a whole bunch of stuff on speed.

Pacy message this week.

Be Brilliant



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