A lesson for every boss

If you’re not the boss you can skip this email.  Save yourself 3 minutes and have a cuppa.

If you are a boss – don’t touch that dial.

I remember one of the first things that excited me when I started my own business was the idea of employing lots of people.

At one time I even thought about it as a measure of success.

What actually happened was altogether different.

At one point I had over 50 staff in my ‘group’ and I believed we could take on the world.

I created a fun place to work.

We had parties.

I was there to listen.

We created a mega bonus scheme.

I wanted my team to love me.

So why did they leave?

That fact is, I wasn’t very good at managing people. Employing them was the easy bit. Managing people and doing it well is a different story.

It was only when my brilliant wife, Christine, took over running our business and managing the team that I learned the valuable lesson.

Employees don’t really want to be your friends.

What employees need more than anything is…


I learned the hard way.

You don’t have to.

Be Brilliant!



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