A most unusual profit centre

The most extraordinary profit centres are often hidden away where you would least expect to find them, others are more obvious:

Restaurants make great revenues on drinks, desserts and coffees.

Retailers can make excellent margins on selling product insurance.

Banks used to make a ton selling PPI.

However, take one step back and you’ll notice that the coffees, insurance etc are just a single transactional moment. The decision to buy will often have been made much earlier.

I would never have pudding or dessert if I’ve experienced surly service with my main course.

Without really understanding the benefits of an Extended Warranty (and having the trust that I would be really well looked after should I need to claim) there’s no way I’m going to buy the guarantee at the time of purchase.

I’ve often talked about putting deposits into the emotional bank accounts  of customers.

I talk a lot about this in the new edition of my book 5 Star Service.

You aren’t ready to buy it yet. I’ve been on holiday and haven’t sent you an email for a few weeks.

I haven’t shared the benefits of the new book. I haven’t given you enough reasons why – yet.

But I will.

Be Brilliant!



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