I read a post by Andy Bounds on LinkedIn about how to ‘Engage Via Email Subject Headings’.

Then looked back at the emails I’ve recently sent.

I’ve ranged between pants and fantastic.

Here are my last 17 email subject headings

Thank you and a wee refund
Another little thing
RE: 17 Exercise Programme
Ella x x
Zoom Keynote
Catching Up
You’re all set
ISBN Discount Code
Wall repair
The Big Think
RE: Quick and dirty pricing
CW’s Teamship and Non-Negotiables
Your question
1988 MH Letter

My question to you.

Which one is your favourite? How do yours compare?

It’s a couple of weeks since I’ve given some books away, so I’ll send copies of Flip It to my favourite. Post your thoughts and your best/favourite email headings here.

And speaking of books…

Thank you to everyone who has pre-ordered a signed, numbered, hardback first edition of my new book 17 The little way to get a lot done.

As there are only 999 copies being printed it’s pretty close to selling out.

If you are interested and would like to pre-order a copy (or two) then please click here and do it today.

I don’t want to send you an email with the subject heading ‘Sorry we’re sold out’.

Be Brilliant!




  1. July 23rd 2020 by Julia Cameron

    My favourite email headline is…
    Your order is on its way…

  2. July 23rd 2020 by Martin Knights

    I love to use, “I’m hoping this will really help you” and this also then makes sure that I word my email within that caring and supportive context. I just feels kinder

  3. July 23rd 2020 by Nell Nelson

    ‘Another little thing’ got me to open. Because I have time for ‘little’, don’t I? And it’s the tone too. Slightly teasing, almost apologetic. And I AM little, as it happens. My favourite sales email recently was headed ‘Do not open this email’, and then the copy inside began, ‘A dirty trick, I know.’ It did make me laugh though. And I read far more of the following text than I would normally have done, though not enough to persuade me to commit.

  4. July 23rd 2020 by Mona

    It’s got to be “Thank you and a wee refund”.

    The title had the draw of offering something to the recipient, which is particularly intriguing when you have not knowingly made an investment!

    One follower’s clickbait is another’s feast.

  5. July 23rd 2020 by Jill T

    My favourite in my sent box at the moment is ‘17 things to do on the 17th’…. an email I sent to myself on the 16th!

    Of those I’ve sent to others is probably an email to my husband with the subject ‘thingy in the sky’….. the email itself was about ordering grass seed but I knew he’d have to open it as ‘thingy’ is a lockdown joke between us from a zoom music quiz

  6. July 23rd 2020 by Vic Wilson-Crane

    “Catching up” grabbed me (because I’m quite curious/nosey) – but it’s often not the subject line which hooks me in, it’s who it’s from – so I opened your email pretty quickly, Michael, as there’s usually something interesting to find, in those! I also (perversely) read all the ones in my work box flagged low priority first as it makes me wonder. And definitely ones with just Confidential in the subject line draw me in….

  7. July 23rd 2020 by Liz

    My favourite of yours is “thank you and a wee refund”
    When I looked back at my own it had to be this one “Biking Vikings tent logo”
    What a strange yet joyful life I lead.

  8. July 23rd 2020 by DEE

    I thought the “Quick & dirty pricing” was catchy & intriguing… and now you’ve done 17… any chances of doing 7??? Tonnes to go at & feels a little more attainable? Our inherited dog is 13 years old and I have to keep reminding Terry (and her) that makes her (times 7) the slightly more vulnerable-joints-age of 91 who has found she still loves chasing balls… ! DEE x

  9. July 23rd 2020 by Mike

    IT has to be 1988 MH Letter, what letter! whats was in it! who was it to! why is it relvant now? Have you turned inno Heppelldamus or NostaHeppell?Q! Seriously I need to know..

    Of my bunch the one that stood out was titled – It smacks of price to me!

  10. July 23rd 2020 by Kooz


    luv this the most as it reminds me of Cameo-Word up! Brilliant track and it could mean anything! I’m intrigued as to what that email was about!

    My favourite that I got this morning is the classic ‘your order is on its way’ 🙂 makes me get excited and smile..

    I could do with a copy of Flip It as i lent mine to a friend who I thought needed to read it and sadly as always the ways with books, it never got returned and i don’t really want to ask for it back 🙂

    thanks K

  11. July 23rd 2020 by Roy Clark

    My favourite is ‘RE: Quick and dirty pricing’ – what on earth have you been buying Michael?
    My latest vague one is ‘A Question’. What’s that about? Would have been an instant delete if I hadn’t seen who the sender was!

  12. July 23rd 2020 by Karin Carruthers

    I liked ‘Another little thing’ it strikes of a continued conversation… I just looked through my Sent folder and my favourite one I sent was “Meeting you, me and Barry!” and from someone was ‘Apples…”

  13. July 23rd 2020 by Tim Howard

    Well, whatever the title was, the one on the 24th October 2019 about kindness was the best one for me. If you can be a kinder person everything else follows……..

  14. July 23rd 2020 by George Forster

    Another little thing is my favourite of those listed

  15. July 23rd 2020 by Paula

    I rather like “A question” although “You’re all set” and “The Big Think” caught my eye.

    On reflection maybe “ISBN Discount Code” wasn’t ever so catchy?

    My pet hate at the moment are unsolicited emails telling me that I have to do something – “You must read this…”, “You have to talk to us about XYZ”, “If you don’t do ABC you’re missing out on…”. No I don’t. Deleted.

  16. July 23rd 2020 by Elizabeth Chandler

    The big think is my favorite not only because I love the idea but it’s the one that jumped out at me the day you sent it.

  17. July 23rd 2020 by Mike Rainey

    My favourite is “Your order is on the way” but it has made me realise that most of my headings are rubbish and I need to think about it more. Thanks.

  18. July 23rd 2020 by Steve Walker

    I don’t like any of yours.

    I love mine.

    I thought we were both dead
    Fondue regards
    Praise the lard
    My best friend is a hydrangea
    Raiders of the lost archive
    In the slime light
    My waters broke
    Pork pies and regrets
    Banned old duke of York
    Lockdown ginger
    Pile high club
    Worried about your back door ?
    Missing in Action
    Oi Mush !
    Conscious Unkipling ( giving up cakes)
    Carp that Diem
    Shooting from my new hip
    Intimate service provider
    My book club can do your book club
    The only way is ethics
    Dahl Boy
    Back despite public demand
    My porn channel is disabled
    Innuendo – my end is in sight
    Ankle tag girlfriend
    Sour dough chanting class
    Sausage and beans melt
    What’s your safe word ?
    I keep seeing the word paranoid – everywhere

    But then I do have some very strange friends 🤓

  19. July 23rd 2020 by Steve Bithell

    Mine are usually rubbish and/or boring, but the best email title I ever received was:

    “Flying penguin bunny spikes hovercraft”

    Of course, I read it!

  20. July 23rd 2020 by Chrissy Ching

    My favourite is curve. This pandemic has sent us all a “curve ball”and it’s how we all deal with it.
    I think my last 17 sent emails reflects the current times;
    1. How is it going?
    2.How do you feel today?
    3.Thank you!
    4. Useful article
    5. Re: not happy
    6. Tutor opportunity
    7. Interested?
    8. Home school project
    9. Re Dance Fit
    10. Hairdressers
    11. Good idea
    12. Cancel subscription
    13. Business
    14. Yes to yoga 🧘🏻‍♀️
    15. Hi!
    16. Customer services
    17. Kids lessons

  21. July 23rd 2020 by ian bankhurst

    heres my best from today:

    heeellllllllpppppp – im waiting by the phone for you 🙂

  22. July 23rd 2020 by AV

    My fav is The Big Think because I know straight away what it is about.
    We receive so many emails these days that a lot are deleted straight away (not that I would every dream of deleting an email from Michael Heppell) so a subject header that I don’t have to guess what it’s about suits me. With so many people trying to hack you intrigue doesn’t come into it these days.

  23. July 24th 2020 by Jane

    My favourite is You’re all set, and second is Your question , because it sounds as if it’s for me, not just a general message.
    You could send a message saying Hooray I’ve sold out…. But at some point in the future they may be a reprint?
    I’m wondering which are your favourite?

  24. July 25th 2020 by Ben Brimson

    After some issues with Next, I sent an email to there customer service team with my order number as the subject. I got no response so I sent the same email with the header:

    “I’m down here on the bottom of your shoe….”

    Strangely, they replied.

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