I, like many people, have been playing with the latest Artificial Intelligence programmes that were launched late last year.

Already LinkedIn posts, tweets and other social media communications are being written by computers.

Very clever computers. But are they any good?

I thought it might be fun to go head-to-head with openai.com and see what you think.

I’ve written, and ‘openai’ has also written, a list of:

Five ways to be more confident in 2023


At the end of this newsletter, you can vote for your favourite version and I’ll reveal the results next week. Will I beat the bot?

Version One

Five ways to be more confident in 2023.

Write a grateful list

Each night, take a moment to write a short list of your successes, big or small.

Do Confidence 

Confidence isn’t something you have – it’s something you do.

Act like you are confident, even when you’re not. You’ll feel more self-assured even if you’re faking it.

Create a powerful affirmation. 

A phrase like, ‘I have all the confidence I need inside me now’ is a powerful way to focus your brain on what you can do.

Complete a task. 

It doesn’t need to be a big task, completion gives your confidence a boost. Go for two or three today.

Spend time with confident people.

Confidence spreads with human interaction. You become more confident by choosing to be with self-confident people.


Version Two

Five ways to be more confident in 2023.

Set small goals and celebrate your achievements

Confidence can come from a sense of accomplishment, so setting goals for yourself and celebrating when you achieve them can be a great way to boost your confidence.

Practice self-care 

Taking care of yourself physically and emotionally can help you feel more confident and capable.

Learn new skills 

Learning new skills can give you a sense of accomplishment and increase your confidence in your abilities.

Surround yourself with supportive people

Supportive people can help you feel more confident and encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone.

Be kind to yourself  

It’s important to be kind and compassionate to yourself, especially when you’re feeling uncertain or unsure. Remember that everyone makes mistakes and it’s okay to not be perfect.

Which do you prefer?

To Vote for Version One click here.

To Vote for Version Two click here.

Please only vote once.

I would LOVE to know what you think about Artificial Intelligence in writing.

Please leave a comment below.

Be Brilliant!

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UPDATE 19th January 2023 THE RESULTS!

We tracked clicks and it was close. But… and here’s the big surprise. The AI copy (Version 2) received the most votes. 56% vs 44%. I did try to disguise my normal writing to make it harder to choose (and wish I hadn’t 😂) but I must confess I’m a little shocked. Who knows where this one is going to go?

Please add your thoughts to the comments.


  1. January 12th 2023 by Judith

    Nothing could ever replace my craziness and unique humour. I am a product of so many experiences, good and bad, and that makes me a rich person. This will always seep into my writing and will give it an almost imperceptible depth, but no machine can ever do that. I am brilliant and irreplaceable.

  2. January 12th 2023 by Joanne Conway

    I think version 2 is more suited to the title
    The first is not quite so to the point 😉

  3. January 12th 2023 by Alistair James

    I felt that version one was more practical, with specific actions. However, the second one felt warmer. Both strong, and I’d opt for the second one being MH but I’m far from sure.

  4. January 12th 2023 by Jude Hanlon

    I think the first was by Michael and the second by the bots. There was more repetition of phrases and fewer specific, useful top tips that you can put into action *now*, which is what I usually associate with Michael’s work… 🙂

  5. January 12th 2023 by Debbie Bias

    Like Alistair, I voted for Version 2 because it felt “warmer”. It also seemed more doable, Although my word for 2022 was gratitude and I kept a gratitude journal of three things I was grateful for each day for more than six months.

  6. January 12th 2023 by Karen Young

    Both offered good advice, but the 2nd one felt more compassionate to the self.
    interesting experiment.

  7. January 12th 2023 by Sally Harrison

    I like version 1 best because it had daily tasks that you can do immediately to achieve confidence whereas version 2 seemed a more generalisation of how to achieve it.

  8. January 12th 2023 by David

    I voted for number 2 as well. I felt there was a “mechanical starkness” to the way the sentences of version 1 were constructed, while others’ suggestion of “warmth” for version two was spot on.

  9. January 12th 2023 by jim Hetherton

    Brilliant Michael as ever ***** AI wow its a Massive topic: part of article link at end: So AI will be a huge boost to organizations around the world—but the real opportunity of AI is to finally unleash the full power of human intelligence. Rather than treating humans like inefficient robots, we can use it to better leverage our uniquely human skills such as leadership, adaptability, and creativity are coming to the fore. As Picasso once said: “computers are useless: they can only give you answers!”. Only humans can understand the full context of what’s not working well in business processes and functions, and have relevant suggestions on how they could be improved. Or to put it another way: the most important thing in business is… knowing what’s important!

  10. January 12th 2023 by Dave Irons

    I much prefer version 1, I think and and do hope Michael wrote this, scary thought he might be overtaken by AI. Version 2 felt waffly (is that a real word?), V1 felt like there were actions to be taken.

  11. January 12th 2023 by Robert Tearle

    Agree with many of the comments that the second version seemed more “human”. Having said that AI would have extracted human produced content so who knows they may have taken some of Michael’s. You could re-run it and ask “with citation”

  12. January 12th 2023 by Georgina

    I chose 2 as Bot as it is very robotic, prescriptive in nature. 1 was way more personal with more detailed suggestions so I say you wrote the first one.

  13. January 12th 2023 by Maggie Hart

    I prefer the second version in terms of style and approach. Feels slightly more human 🤪

  14. January 12th 2023 by AnnA

    I have nothing against it as a tool for helping if you are stuck on something, but you just need a different perspective. I would never use it without him, but maybe as a base and play around with it to get through my own block?

  15. January 12th 2023 by Sharon Lloyd

    I voted for 2 I felt this had more of a human touch and version 1 was more direct and to the point and not as friendly

  16. January 12th 2023 by Vanessa Nichols

    Mmm I’m over thinking this and trying to work it out but I found v1 to the point and not really personal so I think I preferred v2 – I’m only human after all! Look forward to hearing the answer.

  17. January 12th 2023 by Debbie Buxton

    I chose version 1. I thought it was succinct, whereas version 2 was waffly for me. It was specific, recommending small steps, and there was confidence in the words that those steps would get results. Version 2 used the word ‘can’ a lot, not so confident of success.

  18. January 12th 2023 by Helen Vermij

    I chose the second version as it had more meat to it. The points were poignant and I felt they were talking to me personally.

  19. January 12th 2023 by Clare Fryer

    I liked version 2 better. It felt more achievable and holistic. Version 1 had all the feel of a personal development training but somehow missed the comfortable approach. Lacking confidence i find a more gentle approach will help me more.

  20. January 12th 2023 by Julia Goodfellow-Smith

    This is the best bit of AI writing I have seen yet. I think the second is the AI because of the waffle factor.
    What do I think of AI? I think it’s becoming a useful tool that can help us all become better – and maybe more productive – writers.

  21. January 12th 2023 by Helen

    I think both are good but opted for version 1 as it is more practical. Version 2 is softer and more explanatory. My ideal would be a combination of the two. I guess it all comes down to the audience.

  22. January 12th 2023 by Susan Grant

    The first one seemed more like a set of rules, the second gave a more humanistic feeling, like someone who has been there and done it.

  23. January 12th 2023 by Michael P

    Version 2 is good – version 1 is better as it is action orientated – so my bet is that Michael H wrote version 1 😉

  24. January 12th 2023 by David Palmer

    Using AI to create content cheats the reader. It also means you merely promote ideas that have already been repeatedly promoted elsewhere, making the writer redundant.

  25. January 12th 2023 by Frances Mackintosh

    First felt slightly like a standard Google tick list. The second, I felt had warmth and feeling.

  26. January 12th 2023 by Terry McDermott

    Version 1 certainly seemed more human and I could hear Michael when I read it. Version 2 was sound, but I thought slightly clinical. But if I’m wrong Michael, I’m worried for you!

  27. January 12th 2023 by Danny Russell

    First one was Michael. Unmistakable (he says having zero confidence that he is right)

  28. January 12th 2023 by Michael Winn

    Both were good versions but 2 was more how I am motivated to do better and try to encourage others in the same way.

  29. January 12th 2023 by Kate

    I feel that the first one is more ‘personable’ rather than the second which is more ‘generic’. The first one can be acted upon as it gives positive actions and I can relate to that. I feel the second one is computer generated (AI).

  30. January 12th 2023 by Eddie

    Wow – that was really close! In fact, either version in isolation would stand up well.

    But, I’m opting for Version 2 as being by Michael (I really think we’ve come a long way from the ‘Fake it til you make it’ mantra in Version 1)

  31. January 12th 2023 by Steve Robinson

    Verison 1 is my favourite by a wide margin as it speaks directly to me. Version 2 is ‘blue sky’ thinking style and needs mental effort to understand what the sentence is trying to say, which leaves it open for interpretation based on what you think it means.

  32. January 12th 2023 by Christine Beech

    I think Version 1 is Michael as it is practical. Version 2 is too wordy and doesn’t give any applications. I am surprised that not everyone thinks Michael wrote Version 1, but I’m confident.

  33. January 12th 2023 by Ildiko

    I think AI programmes will promote lazy thinking and a blurring of the lines of creativity. We as humans love the ‘no effort required’ solutions, if they are on offer, We have to be fired up with a passion to do something to put our blood, sweat and tears in, I don’t see a place for AI in writing books or anything that is a personal viewpoint. Books are for writers to express themselves in all their quirky, fabulous individuality. In the future, how will anyone know if someone put their own soul into a written piece, or if it was generated by a clever algorithm? Will articles and books have to have an AI disclosure clause? The only place I can see AI as acceptable for writing is in company brochures and even then I would prefer a human being to put their effort into it. A step too far…

  34. January 12th 2023 by Paul Moore

    1 has to be the bot, Mick is still human. 🙂

  35. January 12th 2023 by Gail Hitchens

    Both versions were good though one was more precise. I like the authors perspective and feel robots can’t simulate emotion.

  36. January 13th 2023 by George

    I voted for version 2 as it sounded warm and more human to me but hey, what do I know?
    Just this lil skinny kid from Waallsend.

  37. January 13th 2023 by Chris KOP McConnell

    Version 1 – had actions you could relate to and get on with.
    Version 2 – read nice but too vague
    V2 probably the robot

  38. January 13th 2023 by Gail Molyneaux

    I opted for version 2.
    Although version one gave good advice, like doing a grateful journal, and positive affirmations, both of which I like, version two was softer, and more personable I feel. Michael, in the past, has advised to complete just one task, not two or three, like it said in version one. In version two it advises to set small goals and celebrate small wins, as well as surround yourself with supportive people. This sounds to me like Michael’s advice. Great quiz!!

  39. January 13th 2023 by TracyJWhiting (Catchpole)

    I liked reading both, I felt version 2 had a soft flow to it, whereas version 1 felt rather segmented. Prefer version 2. I hope humans will always be able to write freely and with compassion of their hearts.

  40. January 13th 2023 by Darren Hall

    Both good, but No 2 seems a bit more warmer and human like….so I think could be MH’s

  41. January 13th 2023 by Mr Derek Crysell

    I felt there was no feeling in version one , but version two felt human 🥰

  42. January 13th 2023 by Carol

    I voted 2as the choice is prefer and more of a human way of thinking. I would achieve this option better.

  43. January 13th 2023 by ANDREE DALY

    I liked both choices and it was difficult choice. However, the second option was a more realistic option for me at present.

  44. January 13th 2023 by Penny

    As others have said, both have useful content and ideas. I felt version 2 was warmer… looking forward to finding out which is AI!

  45. January 13th 2023 by Jaki Lewis-Thompson

    AI is something that my partner and I are looking at at the moment, (well he is anyway, I just nod when I think it’s appropriate) it looks as though it could be an exciting development, but at the same time I found it a bit scary. OK to use as an additional tool in the Writer’s toolbox, but not if it’s used as a substitute for the human touch…Jaki

  46. January 14th 2023 by Lisa Swain

    Version 1 is my favourite because it gives you examples that are actionable. It is more direct and specific, whereas version 2 is too vague and repetitive.
    I think version 2 is the bot’s simply because of the language and the similarity between all the ‘ways’.

  47. January 14th 2023 by Ruthy Jowett

    My son and I thought version 2 is the human. His rationale was that version 1 is the sort of stuff that you can find on the internet everywhere!

  48. January 15th 2023 by Kay Dobson-Bennett

    I feel that version 2 was more human and definitely felt warmer and easier to connect too.

  49. January 15th 2023 by Jennifer Moses

    I like version two. It is more humanistic for the many. *Achievable small goals *Reframing thoughts towards greater % self-care (which many carers omit in their lives).
    * Finding 1-3 persons to show genuine support, is more health giving and confidence boosting individually, than role modelling confidence alone. Everything has its timing, but #2 for me at this point

  50. January 19th 2023 by Tracy

    Wow – I am shocked!
    Along with many others above, I voted v2 as it felt like it flowed better and was more persuasive. v1 was more directive and my assumption was that this was the Bot – sorry Michael!

  51. January 19th 2023 by Julia Goodfellow-Smith

    Wow! I guessed right about which was which. I don’t know whether to be impressed or horrified about the AI version being more popular. Maybe a bit of both!

  52. January 19th 2023 by Anna Anderson

    I chose Version One as it gave specific instructions. Version Two was generalised without specific tasks.

  53. January 19th 2023 by Julie Fitzgerald

    For me the giveaway that version 1 was human was the phrase ‘do confidence’, this felt creative and ‘new’ much of the rest of the advice felt like it could be synthesised from any number of already published materials, perhaps bots will be as good or better than humans at summarising was has already been published and humans will need to focus on being truly creative.

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