A Smile On Their Face And A Smile In Their Heart

The founder of China’s largest golf resort (10 courses!) has an interesting recruitment policy;

‘I want a smile on their face and a smile in their heart’.

He’s right. You can teach as many ‘customer service techniques’ as you like but without warmth you have robots.

Robots who may say and do the right things but are dead behind the eyes.

Yesterday Christine accidentally deleted all the text conversations she’d had with a close friend.

With fingers crossed I called Apple Support hoping there was a magic sequence of button pushes that would bring them back.

‘I’m so sorry Michael, you can’t restore texts from an iCloud back up’, came the news, ‘I bet there was some great craic and good times in those conversations. I’m sorry we can’t get them back for your wife.’

Bad news, but delivered by someone who cared. I could tell by the way she said it. And there isn’t a word for it, it’s just a feeling.  I know she cared. A smile in her heart.

My guess is, if you’re interested in reading 5 Star Service you’re looking to give your customers a better experience because you care first.

Yes, you’ll make more money, reduce complaints and go home with a nice fuzzy feeling.

But you’ll want to read it because you care.

Be Brilliant!



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