Here’s my year as a list in numbers.

Minutes spent LIVE broadcasting – 5,400

Zoom Coaching Sessions delivered – 349

People joining our How to Be Brilliant Facebook Group2,874

Books published by members of Write That Book Masterclass8

The Bumps Ahead
Nick Finney
Welcome to Hilltop
Shelia Starr
Scared To Be Me
Beth Paris
The Educated Pheasant
Jeannie Duncanson
Eddy Finds A Family
Sarah McGeough
Tame Your Inner Critic
Michael Garde
Love and Lies At Hillltop
Sheila Star
The Educated Pheasant’s Nature Activity Book
Jeannie Duncanson

Books currently in production by Write That Book Members – 37

BrillBot’s mobile number +447412301416 – you can send him a text

Nights away from home – 8 (to put this into perspective, last year it was almost 150)

Awards won, that I’m proud to have played a key part in – 5

Newsletters sent – 95

New LinkedIn Connections 1,404

Copies of my new book ‘17’ sold in 4 days – 999
(17 is now sold-out but you can download the audio for half price here)

17 Paperback out next year – be the first know here.

People interviewed for TEAM 17 and Write That Book Masterclass – 27
Here are a few snippets from TEAM 17 :

Books read – 37 my top 5 are

50/50 – Steve Cavanagh
Walking One Step at a Time – Erling Kagge
The Practice – Seth Goden
The Evening and The Morning – Ken Follett
Would you like to guess my 5th? Leave a comment – promise I’ll let you know if you’re right.

Virtual Keynotes delivered – 67 Take a peep at what I do.

Number of posts and comments by members of my Facebook and pop-up groups – over 50,000!

Grandchildren born – 1

This is my last newsletter of 2020. We’re planning some wonderful activity for 2021 starting on January 4th.

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Have a Brilliant Christmas


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  1. December 17th 2020 by Phil Race

    Good afternoon, it’s been wonderful seeing a master at work this year, with an ability to pivot to the very different (and weird) world of Covid. Thanks for being in ‘our’ corner – that’s all your followers. Have a great Christmas.

  2. December 17th 2020 by Debbie Mitchell

    This is an amazing list Michael. It’s been fabulous being a part of Team 17 and now also Write that Book Masterclass. I’m sure your number 1 is the birth of your grandchild. Thank you, Christine and Vanessa for all your support and encouragement.

  3. December 17th 2020 by Jeannie Duncanson

    You are such an inspirational person, full of energy and you always lift everyone’s spirits. I have loved being part of HTBB and WTB masterclass (both of them!) and you have boosted so many people through this difficult year. Thank you, Christine, Vanessa and of course, the main man behind the Lense!

  4. December 18th 2020 by Sarah McGeough

    What a year! What great achievements! Your energy is infectious. HTBB, WTB and Team 17 have honestly changed my life and made a horrible year much more enjoyable and fun. I love the support and motivation you bring to everything. I certainly would never have published my book without your encouragement. Thank you.

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