Michael Heppell Write That Book Masterclass Summer 21 Affiliate Agreement

The Reward
Michael Heppell Ltd will pay a 20% affiliate commission for anyone referred who registers for Write That Book Masterclass Summer 21.

Payment Terms
Commissions will be made 60days after the customer payments have been made. Should a participant select a three month or six-month payment plan commissions will be paid 30 days following the final payment.

Affiliates will be tracked via ThriveCart. Each affiliate will create a free ThriveCart Affiliate account and be given exclusive links. These links will last for 60 days after this time they will reset.  There are three phases:

1) Join the Waiting List. This is achieved by giving access to an offer. ‘The Top Three Mistakes New Authors Make’. This is free.

2) Join the Challenge. There will be a 5 Day Write That Book Challenge taking place from June 7th – 11th This a fun week where there will be several hundred people participating. This is free.

3) Masterclass Launch. This will be a Zoom Webinar taking place at 7pm on Monday 14th June.

At this point we enter ‘cart open’ where new members can join Masterclass. Cart Open will take place until Midnight on Sunday 20th.

It’s possible that two people both believe they have introduced an affiliate. Our tracking technology should remove any doubt. If there is a dispute Michael Heppell Ltd will make final decisions.

Existing Clients
Members of previous Write That Book Groups and Michael Heppell’s Membership Group TEAM17 are excluded from the affiliate promotion.

Affiliate Commitment

Affiliates agree to:

Ethically and enthusiastically promote Write That Book Summer 2021.

Not to exaggerate outcomes (these are totally down to the participants talents and efforts)

Keep the affiliate details confidential

If you have any questions about the promotion, before during or afterwards please email [email protected]