Hefting is an ancient farming technique used to keep sheep in a specific area… without the need for barriers or fences.

It involves shepherds guiding their sheep to stay within familiar territories by using a carrot and stick approach.

A little bit of feed left at night… an electric fence switched on… but just for a couple of days.

That kind of thing.

The now ‘hefted’ sheep become comfortable, stay in their area, rarely wander and instinctively stick to their ‘heft’.

All this despite there being new, lush green pastures just a few hundred metres over the hill.

It’s a harmonious, efficient system for the farmers and their flock.


Do those opportunities, those green pastures, apply to you?


Many people, like the sheep, have become hefted in their lives.

Comfortable routines and familiar surroundings mean your hefted by what you have.

And why not? It’s safe, predictable and doesn’t rock the boat.

But what if, by staying within your comfort zone, you’re missing out on those lush fields of opportunity? And they’re just over the hill!

Are you being hefted? By your job, your partner, your friends, yourself?

Are you settling for ‘just enough’ when you could be experiencing ‘more than enough’?

Growth happens when you step outside of your comfort zone and explore the unknown.

Breaking free from being hefted doesn’t mean uprooting your entire life.


It starts with small, deliberate steps.

Is that electric fence switched on?

Are you ready to discover the lush fields of opportunity?  

Are you prepared to break free from being hefted?

Take one step, no matter how small, and start exploring.

I’d love to hear about your experiences and what steps you’re taking to break free from being hefted. Please leave your comments below.

Be Brilliant!

Michael Not-Heft-pell 😉


  1. June 13th 2024 by Grace Longden

    Thanks Michael… Just the nudge I needed to go for the managers job! Why not!?

  2. June 14th 2024 by Annie Watsham

    So so easy to be in the ‘Hefted’-zone. Stay there long enough and you don’t even know you’re there…I broke free years ago however still need a reminder. Just planning my second big trip to glorious Nepal (with my brother) in November. Trekking, exploring, seeing new friends, relaxing, admiring…what oh what is the attraction of being a hefted sheep? 🤔🤔🤔

  3. June 14th 2024 by Jo

    I’d like to think I try new things, limited by my disability and my dogs 🤣😂🤣.

    Last weekend I learned dot mandala painting and, oh how hypnotic and calming that is!

    I’ve learned to make jewellery making – and gave all my (girl) friends a pair of angel earrings in their cards last Christmas.

    I’ve learned lino cutting – which isn’t easy with arthritic hands and wrists, but God loves a tryer, as they say!

    I’ve taught myself to crochet, which wasn’t easy as it’s written in ‘code’!

    I have an allotment, despite having had one of my feet amputated.

    I do my own decorating, wallpapering and glossing.

    I can change a wheel, I’ve dismantled and rebuilt an engine, I can check the oil, etc.

    I think sometimes we limit ourselves by our minds.

    Thanks Michael, for making me take a good look at myself!

  4. June 15th 2024 by Anthony Harris

    I think we can all get hefted at times without realising it and find ourselves ‘stuck in a rut’ before we know it. I am in a rut and know that I need to climb out. Hoping that by following through with Michael’s guidance I can leave that rut well and truly in the rear view mirror.

  5. June 19th 2024 by Philip Mahoney-Berg

    Hi Michael,
    I don’t really like being ‘picky’, but in one sentence ‘…..surroundings mean your hefted by what you have.’
    I’m certain that this should be ‘you’re / you are hefted by what you have.’
    (Sentence ten.)

    Kind regards,
    Philip Mahoney-Berg

    1. June 20th 2024 by Michael Heppell

      Good spot! Thank you, Michael

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