Every morning, I wake up relieved. Relieved they were just dreams. Not that they were nightmares. Just weird. Very weird.

My mind is whirring at the moment.

I did a little research and found that if you write down all the stuff that’s been going on, your dreams will be less whacky.

Something to do with the brain needing to put less energy into sorting stuff out.

Sure enough, I haven’t been keeping my journal up-to-date (cobblers shoes). So, I thought I’d write up some stuff that I was thinking and capture what I’d done in the last couple of weeks.

I thought you might like to take a look so here’s a sample of my ramblings: 

Notes from the lockdown…

It’s not one more day in lockdown, it’s one day closer to our new normal*’ #change ‘lockdown’ to cocooning.’ Try not to say that in an Alan Partridge voice.

*new normal* will win cliche of the year.

I find myself ‘flipping it’ a lot.

Recommending that clients fit their own oxygen mask first. Then realising I didn’t always fit mine.

Giving hope and strategy in equal measure to our current, past and potential clients.

My ability to produce content quickly has become fine-tuned.

Waking up ridiculously early. Three times in the last week I was in my office and working before 7am.

I’m usually the one who mercilessly takes the Mick out of people who do LinkedIn updates like the above… is that me becoming one of those people? Arrggggh – going to sleep-in tomorrow.

Decided to master dictation software…

…this is as challenging as it sounds.  Before a manual edit, that last sentence read:

I’ve divided Toms master Dick aft hair

Managed to write, design and publish a document called 100 Ideas For Books in a      record 4 hours. It’s 3,700 words and, though I say it myself, quite inspirational. It’s here if you’d like a copy.

Built my How To Be Brilliant Group to over 2,100 members.


Creating Write That Book – a pop-up group to help people to write.

On Monday, I launched a challenge. Incredibly, posts and comments increased from around 300 at the weekend to 5,936 in two days.

The finale of Write That Book is a Zoom Webinar on Monday evening. Even if you haven’t been part of the group, you’re invited.

During a fast-paced, one hour session I’m going to share with you some key lessons I’ve learned in 15 years of writing, including:

The biggest mistake I made and how you can avoid it
How to find subjects to write about
The No.1 thing that publishers are looking for – it’s not what you think
The single best editing technique I’ve learned so people read what you write
​​​​​​​(it works you’ve read this far)
The key to finding writing time
And much more

Plus, I’ll be launching my new Write That Book Masterclass and revealing the winners of my Write That Book Challenge.

It’s exclusively on Zoom (no streaming). Just click here to register it’s free but I will be promoting a Masterclass for the last 15 mins.

Hope you are having a fascinating week.

Be Brilliant!  ​​​​​​​​​



  1. May 14th 2020 by Jeannie Duncanson

    Always love reading your posts, emails etc. You have great enthusiasm for like, but in a brilliantly bonkers way, which I love. Without sounding creepy, you do inspire me and I know many others. Thank you.

  2. May 17th 2020 by Margaret Whittaker

    I have just read Noel Fitzpatrick’s Book becoming Supervet. I was in tears half the time, but I realised from his words that: You have to have a dream – in his case a field of dreams, you have to hold that dream and you have to work bloody hard towards it, then if you ignore obstacles, pain, ridicule and cowshit in his case then it is there at the end of the road. However with Noel the dream expands and there is another and another and they are achieved continually. The cost for his dedication has been very high and denied him a life partner, but his universal love and commitment to his cause means that he may have heartbreak, and he may still be in debt, but he has been true to himself and what he wants to achieve. From very very humble beginnings with integrity I am in Awe.

    Guess what – I had a dream – I held it but not consciously, worked towards in unknowingly because it was part of my fibre, and it is on the horizon I am nearly 80 but I shall see it come to fruition and when it does I will tell you what it is and how successful it is. I needed a team and it came by default and if I was the passion and the fire to their hearts, then they are the expert knowledge in all the ways that the project needed. Almost There Yippee Crazy Dreams – of Course

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