Have you ever paused to ponder the significance you attach to situations, items, or even superstitions in your life?

I find it fascinating how we fill them with meaning.

Sometimes, that can lead you down a rabbit hole of misunderstanding and misinterpretation.

Take superstitions; those curious beliefs ingrained in cultures worldwide.

They’re fascinating and full of contradictions.

Are black cats lucky? Or should you avoid dark-haired moggies?

Are they merely remnants of ancient folklore, or do they hold a deeper psychological significance?

Psychologists suggest that superstitions arise from our innate desire to control the unpredictable nature of life.


By following rituals or beliefs, we’re attempting to apply some influence over circumstance and see some comfort in (the illusion) of order.

All this segued into the chaos of daily life.

However, this reliance on superstition can lead to misguided beliefs and misplaced trust in the irrational.

Take, the number 13. For centuries, it has been regarded as an omen of misfortune, leading many to avoid it at all costs.

Lots of hotels don’t have rooms that end with 13 as guests refuse to stay in them.

Yet, in reality, we know a number holds no inherent power and its significance is purely subjective, shaped by cultural perceptions and historical anecdotes.


In a world of uncertainty, is it essential to distinguish between meaningful beliefs and baseless superstitions?

While the latter may offer temporary solace, they often crumble under scrutiny, leaving us stranded in a sea of doubt and confusion.

Yet, amidst the chaos, there exist constants—anchors of certainty that ground us in reality.

Whether it’s the love of family, the pursuit of knowledge, or the embrace of community, these are the pillars upon which we build our lives.

Unlike superstitions, they offer tangible support, guiding you through life’s trials with steady strength.

Basically, as you consider meaning and superstition, don’t miss the solid ground beneath your feet.

It’s not superstitions that define you but the meaning you choose to embrace.

Attach significance to the things that truly matter to create your sense of certainty.

Are you superstitious?

What do you build your certainty on?

Would you stay in Room 13?

I’d love to know. Please share your thoughts below.

Be Brilliant!


PS – New time for Wellness Wednesday

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  1. March 28th 2024 by Susan Martin

    Never mind room 13. Would you demand room 17!

  2. March 28th 2024 by Sylvia Waite

    I would stay in room 13 or live in house 13. I was wary of the number 7 after we bought our forever house. Everything about it added upto 7 – number, dates for various stages, etc. We had to relocate just less than a year later. But I’m now a Spiritualist and the more I learn, the less suspicious I can be. There are no coincidences, Everything happens for a reason and once we realise we’re on a path that we have chosen, things fall in to place. We’re not in charge – we’re always looked after. 🙂

  3. March 28th 2024 by Noel Wincote

    i’m not superstitious as such but i do thank an item that i’ve worn out for it’s service over time.

  4. March 28th 2024 by Karmacise.com

    I used to be very superstitious, saluting magpies, etc… Then I realised, the power to change me wasn’t reliant upon some unknown force but on my own thoughts, then actions. So I’ve stopped believing in such stuff because believing only helps reinforce the belief that the power to change your life rests with other forces. When in fact, as we know, only we can change who we are, yes we may be influenced by others, but until we decide to maket a change it doesn’t happen. Simple really, or is it?

  5. March 28th 2024 by elaine allen

    I do have a few superstitions and nothing will wean me away from them. very few, I should say.

  6. March 29th 2024 by Stuart Burton


    Definitely thought provoking

    I would say that I am not supersticious and always wear clean clothes. 😂

    Hotels should use the room number as lucky 13 by offering a 25% discount and soon it will be the most sought after.

    I think that those folks holding strong religious beliefs are possibly more likely to be supersticious and that every thing in life has a meaning. They may also believe that we are not in control of our lives but led by circumstances created by a higher being.

    Then you have the “fence sitting” agnostics that hedge their bets.

    I am an atheist and that is probably why I am not supersticious.

    I am usually in control of what I do in life and when otherwise, it is not fate but another sentient being that may knock me off course.

    I have used all my favourite numbers for the lottery and regularly manage lose half or all of my stake.

    I am an old man now, as I look back over my life I know that all my successes and all my failures were entirely of my own making.

    So definitely not supersticous.

    Fingers crossed!

  7. March 29th 2024 by Louise Skinner

    13 is just a number like any other, so of course I would be happy to stay in that room. I would ask for a reduction though 😂
    I don’t consider myself superstitious, but would prefer not to walk under a ladder!
    I build my certainty on Jesus’ teaching-no ambiguity.

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