Yep, it’s that time again.

Two this month for most of the UK and at least one for most of the world.

May is a magic month for a long weekend or a national holiday.

And other than a few exceptions the majority of countries take a day to celebrate ‘Workers’.

Like any special day, it’s worth taking a moment to remember what it stands for.

International Workers’ Day, labour (labor) day is celebrated by many on May 1st (or the next Monday). 

Workers, grafters, people who work hard – very hard.  

I sometimes feel like a fake when I believe I’ve been working hard.

My grandad worked his whole life in a coal mine.

I know fishermen who go to sea in all weather so we can enjoy fresh fish.

Roofers, who’ll strip an old roof and slate a new one in a day.

Hotel housekeepers who turn 12 rooms in 8 hours.

The list goes on. 

This May, if you’re enjoying a day off, give a thought to grafters.

Whose work do you admire?  Give them a shout in the comments.

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  1. May 2nd 2024 by Judith (Judy) Brulo

    Doctors, nurses, carers. People who keep us safe.

  2. May 2nd 2024 by John Peters

    I would give a shout out to all those gig worker delivery drivers who deliver on those Labour Day ‘holidays’.

  3. May 2nd 2024 by Brian Moffett

    My grandad was as brave as yours. Foundry workers can only lose eventually, yet they carry on.

  4. May 2nd 2024 by Debbie Homer-Davis

    My Grandad was also a Coal Miner. He never complained and never failed to show up. He set us such a great example. One day when my younger brother was seriously ill, he came up from a shift at the pit and jumped in the car still covered in soot. He picked up my grandma from the hairdresser still with rollers in and they drove over 200 miles no stop to come and help. They were the most wonderful people and I miss them to this day.

  5. May 2nd 2024 by Lesley Renault

    I give out a shout to those in the forces especially the navy. My dad was in the Royal Navy and bank holidays made no difference to him especially when they were at sea

  6. May 2nd 2024 by Sue Hudson

    Doctors and nurses and carers

  7. May 2nd 2024 by Andrée Currie

    A big shout out to all the NHS staff/volunteers, Food banks, Carers and not forgetting supermarket workers, Armed forces, Police and Fire brigade.

  8. May 2nd 2024 by Louise Skinner

    Volunteers and carers.

  9. May 3rd 2024 by Carol Andrews

    MSF Doctors risking their own lives whilst working in some of the most dangerous places in the world.
    Also my grandfather who did shift work in a paper mill for many years without complaint but working conditions there were not good and he was insistent that neither of his children (my Mum and her brother) would seek employment there, despite it being the largest employer in the area. My uncle went on to become a tea planter in India and my Mum’s initial employment was as a cashier in the local Co-op (a much prized job for which there were over 30 applicants!)

  10. May 5th 2024 by joanna nightingale

    I would like to praise all those who due to their working conditions/rotas can’t chose when they work their long hours. Thanks fo all that you do to keep our society safe and working.

  11. May 7th 2024 by andrew bettany

    Well done to the workers, you deserve a rest day.
    However, I push back a little here. Work is indeed work, but should it be so HARD? In this day and age, should we still have to graft so hard. Why is it that some of the lowest paid work is the hardest? That seems so unfair.
    I think the concept of work in the modern age is one of the biggest lies that society imparts on us.
    Work smarter, not harder.

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