Every so often you hear an idea* which is so simple, yet so brilliant, you have to share it.

This is one such idea. And it’s especially brilliant for anyone aiming to be a great leader.

Be the person who is missing from the room. That’s your job as a leader.

Here are a few examples.


If someone has stepped up to Chair the meeting then you don’t need to. But you may need to be the facilitator.

No one to take notes? Be humble, grab a pen and take the notes.


If everyone is nodding, but you know they aren’t understanding, make it your role is to ask the question. Usually the daft one that you know will benefit everyone.


In a timid group, be the one who steps up and volunteers to make the presentation.


In a group of starters? Be the completer/finisher.

In a crew of creatives, be the analyst.

This doesn’t mean you don’t get to play to your strengths.

It’s leaders who fill the gaps.

Be Brilliant!



PS I’ve just completed Part One of my ‘Out of my Comfort Zone’ challenge. If you’d like to see which one and what happened then click here and read the blog.

*Thank you to my friend Andy Alderson, Founder of Vanarama, who shared this brilliant concept which was inspired by his Business Improvement Manager Valerie Marrot.



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