‘Creativity isn’t thinking of ideas, it’s capturing ideas.’ Jax Jones

How good is that?


It’s true.

Every day I have wonderful people reach out with ideas for me.

‘You know what you should do, Michael?’, they say.

I get it.

I’ve been there.


I remember my first meeting with TV Executive Nick Emmerson. I pitched idea after idea. At one point almost going ‘full Partridge’.

Nick was kind, nodded, listened and took notes. Then he hit me with, ‘Michael I’ve loved listening to your concepts for shows, but we’ve got good ideas coming out of our *****. We need talent.’

That was an ouch at the time, but a brilliant lesson.


As Jax Jones so brilliantly puts it. ‘Creativity is capturing ideas’.

He added…

‘It’s a constant exercise. It’s a muscle that you train. Your job as an artist is to manage that, so I learned how to do that. I train my muscle every day.’


I’ve loved helping hundreds of writers take their ideas and become published authors.

All authors will tell you that creativity comes from doing the work.

Word by word. Page by page.

That’s the work.


Where do you find your creativity or need a boost?

Please leave your comments below.

Be Brilliant!


  1. April 6th 2023 by Claire Nicholas

    I totally agree that, when you’re in the zone, the words can flow and take you to places you hadn’t anticipated. I find this is in speech (mainly in jokes) as well as with writing. Punchlines and story development just grow without seeming to have to think. But getting into the zone in the first place is the key and I’ve not yet identified what provokes that kickstart. I guess it is likely to be having a rest, relaxation or reading. Visually, artwise, however I am a complete mess. Clearly the pen is my tool, not the brush, so long live the word!

  2. April 6th 2023 by Carolelizabethmarshall

    Michael, I am part of Team17 and loving it. My creative self, has been with me the whole of my life. My book I’m working on, contains 30 paintings 30 pieces of poetry constructed over a small amount of time ( memoir over 11 yrs) where knowing me / my creative self, helped me to flourish and survive through putting it bluntly SHIT. I am on a MAP team with Paul who is being brilliant. I would love to talk about this marathon creative self resilient story at Day 17 . I have already done and made a TedX Doncaster 2019 talking about being with my flow to create saved my life , my sanity, soul, spirt etc….. my go to resilient thread which I encourage others to find for their own resilience.. My talk was about finding your go to creative resilience thread. Anyway won’t bore you. I would be happy to explain more. Thank you for your time. You were the man who inspired me to believe ( can do this) back in the pop up before Christmas . Thanks for your time. Carol .

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