The fact that ‘scientists’ actually spent time deciding on some gubbins like: the days after Christmas, multiplied by debt divided by the weather can equal a bad day, is farcical. 

I’m just waiting for the stationers to start selling a ‘Cheer up! It’s Blue Monday’ card, then we really are doomed.

One of the reasons why it definitely isn’t blue on this particular Monday is because people talk about it.  The charity MIND think it should be called ‘Brew Monday’ as they want to encourage people to have a cuppa and chat. That’s more like it.

And, of course, it doesn’t have to be on one Monday out of 52.

We all have Blue Days, some more than others, but we all have them. 

One of the most common questions people ask Christine (Mrs H) is, ‘Is he like this all the time?’; referencing the high energy, super-positive, solution-oriented motivational speaker they’ve just watched!

And the answer is no, of course not. 

There are plenty of times when ‘being brilliant’ is not on my top five things to do today and ‘sitting around, complaining about insignificant nonsense’ is.

The question I ask is, ‘How long do I want to remain there?’

Once I’ve decided that it’s probably time to get out of the blues, I then I do one of three (or all of three) things to literally snap out of it.  I’ll share them next week or you can read them all in Flip It.

Be Brilliant!


PS  When I wrote my book Flip It how to get the best out of everything, I had no idea it would be used by mental health professionals as a tool to help patients overcome everything, from anxiety to body dysmorphia.

I saw it as a simple personal development book.  It turns out it’s a lot more.


  1. January 18th 2018 by Ian Pearson

    As a nano-brewer we could do with a ‘Brew Monday’ to get people into the pubs during Dry January!

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