9 years ago today, I received the craziest phone call.  A producer for the Chris Evans Show on BBC Radio 2 rang me and asked if I’d like to be interviewed on his programme.

She said, ‘Chris has read your book Flip It and wants to interview you about it’.

Of course. I’m in. What do I need to do?

Nothing, just be by your phone at 5.15 on Thursday.

And that was it.

At this point Flip It had been published for just a few months; it was selling well but nothing could have prepared me for what would happen next …

I was in my home office listening to the opening of the show, when Chris said this:

And tonight, the Christmas sparkle comes from my Christmas book recommendation – a little gem by the name of Flip It. A book so simple and so useful that I really am going to urge you to put it in someone’s stocking this year.

He then went on to sing the praises of Flip It to ‘Sally Traffic’ and give examples of what the book was about. There was an instant spike in orders and that was just from the introduction.

I remember running downstairs, diving into the kitchen where Christine was listening to the radio and blurted out, ‘What did you think of that intro!

In true Christine style she replied, ‘I think you’d better get back upstairs and concentrate on giving a brilliant interview – now scoot.

The actual four and a half minute conversation couldn’t have gone any better. You can listen to it here

Flip It went on to be a Sunday Times No.1 Bestseller. It sold out in every bookstore in Britain and copies were auctioned on Ebay for £50!

Had I been lucky that Chris had read my book? ….

Was it just good fortune that he enjoyed it so much he wanted to promote it? ….

Or had it been ten years of developing content, five years of writing every day and six months of constant promotion?

I’ll never know.

What I do know is that Flip It has gone on to be a bestseller in seven other countries, is available in 20 languages and continues to be a powerful self-help tool for thousands of new readers every year.

Oh …. and it’s a perfect Christmas gift!  Not my words just the thoughts of one of the most listened to radio DJ’s in the world. It’s here

Next week will be my last newsletter of 2018. Until then, embrace the wonder of this magical time of year.

Be Brilliant!



  1. December 13th 2018 by kevin

    i use the techniques from FLIP IT every day ……. and to be honest i hardly ever have to think about it any more….. but i still find myself picking up this little treasure trove every now and again, to help me out a little bit more.. thankyou Michael

    1. December 18th 2018 by Michael Heppell

      Hi Kevin

      When something becomes a habit, it’s truly effortless. Great that you have enjoyed and continue to enjoy Flip It so much.

      Be Brilliant!


  2. December 13th 2018 by Mark Sones

    I remember listening to that interview with Chris Evans.
    I went out, bought the book and subscribed to your site.
    I still get inspired by ‘Flip it’.
    I think your work has changed.
    It has moved from being a work on business management to a work of philosophy.

    1. December 18th 2018 by Michael Heppell

      A philosophy – wow! I feel like I should grow a long beard? Thank you Mark.

  3. December 13th 2018 by Jim hetherton

    Sheer Brilliance I encourage people at all my training to explore your work, Hope you and yours have a Brilliant Christmas & 2019

    1. December 18th 2018 by Michael Heppell

      Thank you Jim – And right back at you!

  4. December 13th 2018 by james

    A timely reminder… Just bought 18 copies for our sales team and Franchisees as we are all committed to doubling our turnover in 2019. Perfect! 🙂

    1. December 18th 2018 by Michael Heppell

      18 Copies!!! Wow you really are going to have an amazing 2019!! Thank you for being totally brilliant! M

  5. December 13th 2018 by Susan Goodbrond

    9 years!!!!! Can’t believe it!!! I heard the interview and rushed out to buy it!! I use it all the time in my workshops, coaching sessions and mentoring. I’ve bought it for colleagues, lent it to friends and, yes, never got them back, lol!! Flip It and Andrew Jenkins’ The Authority Guide to High Performance Teams are always in my bag!! Invaluable, easy to dip into, has pictures and is great fun!!! And you know how I feel about your ‘5 Star Service’……

    1. December 18th 2018 by Michael Heppell

      Thank you Susan. I’m delighted that keep lending Flip It – please don’t stop 🙂

      Have a wonderful Christmas.


  6. December 14th 2018 by Brenda

    It is the last of your books that I have read, and I love and revisit them all. I take ‘Flip It’ on multiple train journeys as it keeps me calm when trains are late and I miss connections. I have a big question about the last big when you mention Leadgate Methodist Church. Do you know Miss Margaret Grey? She taught me at Lanchester in 1971/2, was a huge inspiration and I still send her a Christmas card every year. My family moved in 1973 but I have never lost touch. Best wishes, Brenda

    1. December 18th 2018 by Michael Heppell

      Hi Brenda

      YES! We do know Margaret Grey. In fact we saw her twice this year at Leadgate. Christine knows her far better than I do. Lovely that you are still in touch.

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