I work with hundreds of organisations in dozens of sectors.  All have the same major challenge.

They need and want great people with great character.

A dilemma that frequently arises is there’s too much focus put on calibre and too little on character.

Everyone thinks they get it right. On the face of it, who would want to admit to putting calibre above character?

Then these type of things happen. Pick your favourite.

The best sales person, responsible for a massive percentage of sales, starts acting like a seven-year-old. You can’t hold them to account in case they take the pip and leave.

Their colleagues see their behaviour, start to follow suit (think they can get away with it…) – sales dwindle.

Or how about…

The Manager, with a wealth of experience, won’t spend time developing their weakest team members.

The team suffers – but you can’t blame the manager – they’ve been here for years!

Or my favourite…

You’re desperate to fill a position, the candidate is technically perfect, but your gut says no. Then you let your head say, ‘What’s the worst that can happen, give them a go?’

Two months later you’ll wish you’d listened to your gut.

How’s your character? I’m guessing, because you subscribe to this newsletter and you’re reading this now, it’s pretty good.

But could it be better?

Three things to think about:

Stand up for what’s right.

Be sincere and live by your core values (help here)

Think how your colleagues would describe you?  Then step up even higher.

Be Brilliant!


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  1. June 20th 2019 by Richie Quinn

    I enjoy reading your emails every week and always feel like I take something away from them or they provoke something to think about so I wanted to say Thank you. That’s it.
    Keep being brilliant

  2. June 20th 2019 by Emma Martin

    Hi Michael,

    Great newsletter (as always) but this one has really resonated with me. I always believe in doing things for the right reasons and not because “that’s the way they have always been done”.
    Will look forward to the next one!


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