Could I?

I’ve been in deep discovery mode, testing a few ideas over the past couple of weeks.  

It started with a challenge from Jamie of Rogue Digital, a former coaching client, who also happens to be one of the smartest, technically brilliant people on the planet.

‘Can we AI Michael?’, he asked.

I was intrigued. 

One of the best ways to learn, is to do.

Books are fab, but learning live and in real life, is brilliant. 

So, tentatively, I said yes. 


Project ‘Can we AI Michael?’ is live.

I’m a couple of weeks in and I’ve recorded the process.

If you’re interested, I’ll share my journey with you. Warts and all.

And, oh my goodness there have been some warts!

It’s exciting and terrifying in equal measure.

If you’d like to see how I’m being AI’d click here, I’ll send you some current stuff we’ve been doing and let you know how I’m getting on.

If it’s true that in 10 years, the only ‘jobs’ will be artists and plumbers, I thought I should at least find out more.

So should you. 


From automation to personal safety, creativity to personal effectiveness it will become a bigger part of your life.

Would you like to let me know your thoughts on what’s happening with the world of AI.

Is it the biggest threat? Or the biggest opportunity?

I (the real me) would love to know. Please leave your thoughts below. 

And, no, AI didn’t write this.

But, I bet AI could.

Be BrillAI nt!



  1. June 20th 2024 by Suzy O'Shea

    I’d love to hear / see how this goes. I am currently leading a ‘digital transformation’ project to see how we can use latest technology incl. AI. to improve efficiency and create capacity in our team for the stuff only us humans can do!

  2. June 20th 2024 by John Peters

    I thought you already were 🙂 or more seriously, IA is not a binary state. I was listening to Streve Dotto discussing AI and how he uses it. In a minor way it was just stripping the filler words, the um’s and er’s. But also replacing terms with better ones. But it had also learnt how to write like him, use his voice, just so to the reader is ‘felt’ like him. Yes it is still him (I think) but does it need to be? Same with you. But who am I to say? Is this me or ChatGPT having read your post and asked to respond? Does it matter? I gave feedback to an insurance company on TrustPilot. They responded and thanked me but I think their reply was AI. If it was not, why not? A very dull job if a real person.


  3. June 20th 2024 by andrew bettany

    I wont mind if AI takes my job.
    I want to retire in a couple of year.

    Last year, I taught/helped 15,000 (15k) undergraduates learn and take a certification on AI.

    Current graduates are the ones that will have the most influence in the AI world. That itself is scary, but it is inevitable.

  4. June 20th 2024 by Mike James

    I’m very interested to see how it goes plus learn a thing or three. Two reasons, content for, my book (yes, I’ve not given up on it) is about the practically application of ‘humanised’ leadership, changing worldviews and the inevitable digital advancements. And two, help with the writing of it.
    Thanks for the opportunity.👌

  5. June 20th 2024 by Debbie Lynn

    I think it’s the most fascinating and exciting thing. I wish I was back at school and entering the world of ‘computer magic’ all over again so it could just be part of my standard life. I have had multiple plays on ChatGPT and it just amazes me more and more. I can’t imagine me ever getting any work done with it because my trips into AI get more obscure as I try to prove it can’t do things….. when it always can!

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