Co-operation vs Annihilation

Ten days ago I watched Novak Djokovic play a blinding game of lawn tennis in a pre-Wimbledon warm up. The power and skill was breathtaking. Bang, boom, whack, boosh!

Last week – on the hottest July day EVER – I watched a cute couple playing beach tennis in Worthing. Clonk, clonk, clonk, clonk, yeay – four in a row!

It was a new game to them; the wooden bats and rubber ball had come straight from the shop and were freshly out of their stringy bag. No rules, no competition, just off you go.

Four was their average and then suddenly they got to ten, then fifteen. My goodness – they were unstoppable!

And then she missed and he said, ‘Sorry sweetie, MY fault.’

And that’s the difference.

Djokovic plays to obliterate his opponent; that’s his job and he’s bloody brilliant at it.

The cute couple were the total opposite. They wanted to keep the game going, so they did their best to make sure their partner was able to return the ball.

Beach tennis is more fun for the players.  The goal is co-operation, setting up the person opposite for success rather than annihilation.

It still amazes me that one of the biggest challenges faced by business today is ‘colleagues’ who want to destroy rather than support each other.

It doesn’t matter which sector, size or type of business.

So here’s a thought. Buy some bat and ball sets for the office and teach a little co-operation this summer.

You could have your own Wimbledon Friday! With Pimms?

Wimbledon will have one winner. Co-operation will nurture millions.

Be Brilliant!



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