Over the last 30 months, groups of strangers, some still relatively unknown to the other, have come together.

Maybe an online forum. A Facebook Group. Or a neighbourhood.

It’s taken a global pandemic, cost of living crisis, celebration of service and ultimately our monarch’s death.

But we have become closer.

And I like that.


When we connect, we’re better.

When we’re better, we connect.

I’d love to connect more with you.


If you’re on LinkedIn, I’m here.

Let me know how I can help you.


If you’re on Facebook, I’m here.

And my group is here. Join the brilliance.


If you’re on Twitter I’m here.

Always happy to help with a retweet or comment.


If you’re on Instagram I’m here.

Happy to like your pics and view your stories.


And if you see me in ‘real life’.

Please come over and say hello.


I don’t want to wait for the next crisis to connect. Let’s do it now.

And if you want people to connect with you, leave a comment below.

Be Brilliant!



  1. September 29th 2022 by Judith (Judy) Brulo

    You’re right, Michael.
    It may seem bizarre but the war in Ukraine, senseless and deathly as it is, has brought my husband and his estranged, Odessa-based daughter together. She has just spent a happy two months with us. So, at least some good has come out of bad.

  2. September 30th 2022 by Vic Wilson-Crane

    I’ve never done more learning, socialising and networking than over the past few years. I was active online prior to the pandemic but when it became the only facilitator, it was a literal lifeline. I’m not sure it’s given me a more diverse, wider circle but I’ve definitely ‘met’ some allies, connected with people who I’d now hope to call friends, been inspired and supported and fingers-crossed I’ve done the same for others. Thanks for your role in that and I’d love to keep making new connections with people who I might have things in common with: https://drvictoriawilsoncrane.co.uk/

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