I’m no chef, but at our Jubilee party, I cooked a fabulous feast for two dozen hungry guests.  


It was a barbecue (of course)… of epic proportions.  


‘A taste sensation’. Not my words, my adoring diners who loved every morsel.  


Now the truth.


In reality, I was the chief heater-upper. 


All the hard work had been done by Mrs Hepp.  


She designed the menu, bought the food, marinated, flavoured, prepped and portioned everything. All I had to do was evenly cook it. 

And I got all the credit.


It happens all the time.  


There can be over 5,000 people involved in making a movie. Yet two people are ‘the stars’. 


It took 15,000 men (and goodness knows how many women and children) to build Hadrian’s wall. I bet old Hadrian didn’t lift a trowel.  


And here’s the big one. It’s estimated that 400,000 people worked on the Apollo missions. Yet when it comes to moonwalks, after Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin you’d be hard-pressed to think of the others*.



I have a challenge for you.


Thank someone who helps you to be your best.  


Recognise an individual or group who works tirelessly in the background.  


If you’d like to do it publicly – and why not? You can leave a comment below.


I’d like to know and bet they would too.   

Be Brilliant!



*The third person to walk on the moon was Charles Conrad – who? 




  1. June 16th 2022 by Dan Altmire

    You cooked up a good blog here Chef Heppell.

  2. June 16th 2022 by Steve Judge

    I’d like to thank Michael Heppell…because this text is perfect for a chapter of my new book ‘Good to GOLD’. The chapter is about ‘Your Golden Gang’ and I talk about the people who you need to help you achieve. As a speaker and business owner people only see me but I know that I have a lot of people that help me get to where I am. Thanks Michael and I hope you’re ok for me to use some of these fascinating facts in my book?

  3. June 16th 2022 by Dawn Booth

    This has got me thinking and I know exactly who I wish to thank. As most of Team 17 know I work as a Slimming World consultant and our founder MMB has ploughed lots and lots of LOVE and money into us during the pandemic and the company are working on a comeback with enthusiasm, determination and passion. I think sometimes we forget the people at the top (or the bottom if you’ve read her boooook), so today I will put pen to paper and write to her and her senior leadership team. Thank you for the push x

  4. June 16th 2022 by Gaynor

    My wonderful husband Paul has encouraged me helped me calmed me supported and simply put up with me I probably don’t thank him enough I wouldn’t be the person I am today without him

  5. June 16th 2022 by Lloydie Gardiner

    Vanessa my wife and together with our 7 year make a great team in the background that helps spur me on

  6. June 18th 2022 by Anne Keen

    Having launched my travel consultancy business in the UK, trading under the name, Not Just Travel, I need to shout out a thank you to my sister for her belief and encouragement in all that I take on. Returning to the UK after teaching internationally for 16 years, she was there for me.
    More recently, at the business conference, I was totally re energised by the amazing, inspirational talks given by Michael Heppell. You, Michael, have helped me to move forward with renewed passion in the world of the self-employed – thank you.

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