I saw a Facebook poll with the question. Do you believe:

a) Life happens to you?

b) You create your life?

I voted b with a caveat. Can I change create to curate?

Create gives the impression that you’re in control of everything.

Curate means choosing the best of what you have.

As you’re clearly not in control, curate feels better.


My friend DJ Fat Tony has a massive Instagram following, mainly from people who love his caustic wit and hilarious memes. He describes himself as ‘A Curator of Memes’.

Perfect when someone accused him of stealing content and his reply was, ‘Yes but I’m a curator, I only steal the best stuff.’


What do you see as your ‘best stuff’ for 2023?

What will you curate and create?

With so much crap around it can be a challenge to find the good stuff.

But it’s there if you look.


My new book is being launched at the end of February (and it’s your last chance to order the hardback for the price of the paperback).

I’m presenting the keynote at the Alnwick Story Fest Book Festival on Saturday 25th February (ticket information can be found here).

And I’m increasing the number of available places on TEAM17 to 217 and adding even more exciting opportunities and great content.

Plus, we have lots of wonderful speaking events planned for many different organisations. Demand for keynotes is back in force.

I’d love to know what you are curating in 2023.

Please leave a comment below.

Be Brilliant!


  1. January 5th 2023 by Lenise

    I am publishing my book, Tomorrow Never Comes, soon. Planning publication date for March 9.

  2. January 10th 2023 by Rosie Godfrey

    I finally starting researching my family tree after inheriting lots of documents and photos that had in turn been handed down, following the death of my dad. I came across the term ‘curate’ then and wondered why I had not made curating a career in life as I love to sort things! Then, when the inevitable overwhelm kicked in (possibly linked to grieving process) I adopted the term ‘curating’ for what I was doing. Made it more manageable and significant somehow. I love the concept of curating your life. For me, I’m also curating the legacy I wish to leave my loved ones as I do my own version of (*The Gentle Art of) Swedish Death Cleaning (Book by Margareta Magnusson)… with the hope that it will bring joy and curiosity and not overwhelm when I pass my curated life on.

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